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Artist of the moment…………Street Artist Zenoy


Zenoy is a street artist from France. Zenoy was born in the year 1974. The artist style is to combine text with comics and other Pop art figures.

The artist started with graffiti back in 1988 using the tag “Awaisun”  In 1990 he changed his name to Zenoy, which he still uses to this day.

In the early 1990s he often work with other street artists making collaborative street art on the trains and subways of Paris.

Price range information: Works range from $3,000 to $10,000.

In this clip we view Zenoy at work at a collaborative work with Berthet One. Zenoy is the artist working on the text:

What a great example of the beginnings of Street art!




Artist of the moment……….Street Artist Bask




Bask is an American street artist renown for his Pop Art style that makes references to consumerism.

Bask is also known as Alex Hostomsky. His family came to the United States from Czechoslovakia and settled in Florida.

Below two wonderful things! Charlie Brown music and a  montage of works by the artist Bask. What an awesome combination!:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a very large mural featuring the comic hero Iron Man 3 and Robert Downey Junior:

Bask is now based out of Seminole, Florida.

Below a link to the Facebook page of the artist:

My first chance to see some street art in person is coming up soon! A show featuring the work of Bask will be taking place at the Black Book Gallery in Denver, Colorado starting May 2nd.

Another artist who paints in a similar style who makes references to the consumer and popular imagery is the artist Greg Miller.


Artist of the moment……….Street Artist El Mac



El Mac is an American street artist renown for his realism style and working with the figure. El Mac was born in Los Angeles, California in the year 1980. El Mac is a painter and muralist. He has painted commissioned mural works in the United States, Canada, South Korea, and Europe.

El Mac’s government name is Miles “Mac” MacGregor.

The artist began painting using acrylics in the 1990s. El Mac wrote graffiti and also painted figurative works as he developed his current street art style.

In this clip we visit a commissioned piece from a company called Eventscape, that is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

A link to the website of El Mac:

Sometimes the artist works with Retna on collaborative works.

Below a longer interview with El Mac talking about his artwork and his artistic statement:

El Mac is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

El Mac has a fantastic sense of design. Though his work is grouped with realist artists, I enjoy the parts of his work that are more on the abstract side such as the designs he places in his backgrounds.



Artist of the moment………Futura 2000



Futura is a fantastic American street artist from New York City. Futura originally began tagging subways in the 1970s and is considered one of the pioneers of the street art movement.

The artist was born Leonard McGurr, in New York City, in the year 1955.

McGurr spent four years in the United States Navy during the latter 1970s.

In the 1980s he began to work on canvas. As he developed his street art is among the most abstract to be found in street art.

In addition to painting Futura is also an outstanding photographer.

Also in the 1980s he went on the road with Eurpean punk rock band the Clash. As they performed their music on stage the artist would paint at the same time.

The artist dropped 2000 from his name, he used to be called Futura 2000, after the year 2000 came and went.

Futura is high demand as a commercial artist and has worked with such international brands as Nike. Futura has also started his own clothing line and has a store selling his clothing styles is now open in Japan. The artist also designed the label for a special edition of Hennessy.

Futura is still based out of New York City.

What a wonderful artist. Its great to see the improvements of an artist over time. From a tagger the artist has grown into a great designer whose work appears on clothing. His abstract works are also museum level quality. Overall Futura is quite an amazing artist!

Another interesting fact about Futura, he was once asked about painting on stage and if he listened to music as much now that he is older. His response: I know appreciate silence!

Below a great interview with Futura. He talks about one of my three favorite street artists, Martin Wong, who was also one of the first collectors of street art. (My two other favorite street artists are Swoon and Tilt. I think each of these three have developed their own language of street art):


Price range information: Futura often works in acrylics with prices ranging from $10,000 to $60,000.




Artist of the moment………Street Artist Daim


I have been away from writing the past week or so as my computer has been in the shop. I am back in business now!

Daim in an internationally renown street artist famous for his style of 3 D lettering and for the vast size of his works. Daim was born Mirko Reisser in Luneberg, Germany in the year 1971.

The artist works as a tagger, illustrator, sculptor, digital artist, and printmaker.

Daim started tagging when in 1989 as a late teenager.

Daim attended college in Lucerne, Switzerland at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Below we view a session sponsored by Volvo:

Daim and some other artists helped to create the highest graffiti work ever in 1995. The work is below and is found in Hamburg, Germany. The work is 30 meters by 11 meters. More than 1,000 spray cans were used in making the work. The piece is titled “Sign of the Times.”


The artist is now based out of Hamburg, Germany.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below we view a time lapse video of Daim at work. This is a great clip because its only weeks old and we can see his current style of dimensional lettering he is using:


Artist of the moment…….Street Artist Dicey


Dicey is a street artist who works in an abstract style.

Dicey is based out of Bristol, England.

The artist has participated in Bristol’s Street Artist event called “See No Evil.”


The artist is influenced by letters and typography, but in a very abstract manner. He has developed his own abstract character language.

He originated in Birmingham, England and later would move to Bristol. Whilst in Bristol he joined the urban art group TCF.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

As one of the few street artists working in such an abstract manner, we can be assured Dicey will jump to the top of this genre. It’s awesome to see Abstract Art in such a massive size.




Artist of the moment………Street Artist Seen


Seen, also known as Richie Mirando, is an internationally renown Street Artist. Richard Mirando was born in Brooklyn, New York in the year 1961.

The artist began to tag when he was 12 years old. Even though he didn’t start the movement, he is considered by many to be a founding father of the graffiti movement. Sometimes he is called the Godfather of Graffiti.

A brother who was named “Mad” was also a renown street artist.

In this clip many works of Seen’s work on the side of subway cars:

He exhibited with many famous contemporary artists including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Basquiat.


Below an interview with Seen:

Price range and medium information: Seen works in oils, acrylics, and spray paint. Prices range from $10,000 to $140,000.

His artwork can be found in the video game in which the player is trying to become a graffiti artist or tagger. The game is called Getting Up.

What an artist whose work has stood the test of time. Its great he is able to make some royalties by having his work appear on the video game scene.



Artist of the moment…………..Martin Whatson


Martin Whatson is a street artist based from Norway born in the year 1984. Whatson attended the Westerdal School of Communication located in Oslo, Norway.

His style takes traditional art motifs most viewers and admirers of art are familiar with painted in black and greys with little color. Then he adds his very colorful style of urban art to create his very unique works of art.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we view a large mural done by Martin Whatson:

Below a link to the website of Martin Whatson:

The artist has been part of shows in Europe and the United States. His first solo exhibition was in 2011.

What a unique style of urban art Whatson has developed. His work is recognizable instantly.


Artist of the moment…….Street Artist Adnate


Adnate is a wonderful street artist from Australia renown for his work with portraits. His main medium is spray paint. Adnate is based out of Melbourne, Australia.

When he began as an artist Adnate produced graffiti. He became great at using letters in his art, but after ten years decided to try something new and different and started to paint portraits.

Adnate is also part of the street artist collective AWOL.

In this clip we view Adnate at work on a piece of art:

The artist also creates works on canvas. These works are made with spray paint and acrylic paint.

A link to the website of street artist Adnate:

Adnate has shown his work in galleries since 2006.

I love the very large murals created by this artist. His use of color is extraordinary!


Artist of the moment……….JonOne

JonOne also known as John Andrew Perello was born in New York City in the year 1963.

The artist was self taught. He considers himself more an old school graffiti artist.

Price range information: Highest price at auction was $24,000 euros.

JonOne is now based out of Paris, France.

The artist works with acrylics and inks on canvas for most works.

The artist was part of a graffiti group 156 All Starz. The group was formed to keep him and his friends from causing trouble on the streets of New York City. The artist was able to meet another artist named Bando and Bando convinced JonOne to make the career transition to living in Paris, France.

In this clip JonOne makes an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning:

Its great to see an artist who left his home country to achieve his dreams.


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