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Artist of the moment……..Gerald Laing

Gerald Laing was a British artist renowned for Pop Art and abstract styles of painting. Gerald Liang was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in the year 1936.

After deciding a career in the armed forces wasn’t for him, Laing enrolled in Saint Marin’s School of Art located in London, England. Laing worked with both Minimalist styles as you can see in his sculpture work, and a “Pop Art” style that he used in his later years.

During the era of birth of Pop Art in America, the early 1960s, Laing met some of the stars of the Art World in New York City and moved there. His career took off quickly.

Laing was based in Scotland.

Gerald Laing passed away in 2011 at the age of 75 years of age.

In this clip a portrait of American actress Bridgett Bardot is prepared for auction:

Price range information: Sculptures can be found for $50,000 to six figures. Laing created many screen prints which start around $10,000. The artist has had an oil painting  at auction sell for more than $1.4 million dollars.