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Artist of the moment…..Nobuyoshi Araki

Noboyoshi Araki is a world famous photographer born in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1940. Araki is renown for his work with the nude female form, many times the women involved appear in bondage. Two favorite subjects of the photographer are the nude and flowers. For his collegiate education Araki attended Chiba University where he would study engineering, film, making movies, and photography. Bondage and this type of shot is far more common in the Eastern society.

The artist is seen by many critics to be the most famous Japanese born photographer. The artist has published more than 300 different books featuring his photography.

Here we see a short collection of works:

Looking at  photographs taken by Nobuyoshi Araki I was reminded of the great American artist George Woodman, who works with black and white images and hand touches them with oil paints. Below an example of George Woodman’s art. He is the husband of Betty Woodman, a ceramicist I wrote about yesterday.


In this clip we see many works of Nobuyoshi Araki. Many nudes and floral works are featured:

price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $80,000. Araki has also published more than 300 books of his photographs.


Artist of the moment…….Betty Woodman

Betty Woodman is an American artist born in Norwalk, Connecticut in the year 1930. Woodman works with ceramics and her work is very colorful and playful. For Woodman the vase and/or vesell  is the subject in many of her works. As you see in the clips she works in very large format. For her artistic education Woodman attended the School for American Craftsmen at Alfred University.

Woodman also blends different types and styles of vessels. In her work we can see influences from Chinese and even Greek civilizations.

Betty Woodman married artist George Woodman. Below an example of his style. George Woodman works with photographs and hand touches them with oil paints to get his unique stylish look.


The couple had a daughter and a son, the daughter was just about to start a career in the art world as a photographer. After getting some rejections early on in her career, she suffered from depression and during an extreme bout jumped from a window to her death at the age of 22 years old. She will be an upcoming entry soon.

The artist spent time abroad in Italy where she learned to work with clay.

In this clip we look an installation by Betty Woodman done for the United States Embassy located in Beijing, China:

In this clip we see many ceramic works by Betty Woodman. The works are much larger than I first thought:

Betty Woodman splits her time in New York City and Italy.

price range information: Sorry none available.