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Artist of the moment……George Sugarman

George Sugarman was an American artist who was a great draftsman, painter, collage artist, and sculptor. George Sugarman was born in the year 1912.

Sugarman also served in the Navy during the second World War. Sugarman attended the City College of New York. In later years the artist would also study the Cubist art movement with a French painter in Paris.

His style is not easy to categorize. Sugarman enjoyed playing with shapes and repeating patterns. For me I compare his work to the Op- Art movement and artists like the great Bridget Riley or Victor Vasarely.

Sugarman was renown for his very large sculptures that were made of wood or metal and then painted.

In this clip we view some of the large public sculptures that Sugarman was renown for. The artist created fantastic shapes in these works:

George Sugarman passed away in 1999.

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