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Artist of the moment…..Dog painters…..George Bush….The First Dog Barney Bush has passed away….

I am sure you know that former first dog of the white house, Barney Bush, passed away. In October we found out that the younger Ex President Bush has been taking painting lessons and learned to paint dogs. I was very impressed by this painting released a few days ago of Barney by his owner, George Bush.


Lets take a quick glance at some great painters of animals. First we have  Robert Abbett. Abbett has illustrated many magazines that were big time publications in the 1960s and 1970s and also illustrated a comic book series featuring Tarzan.

An offering from Abbett is below.  You can sense the tense feeling of the atmosphere of the dogs finally locating their prized goal.


I love to paint dogs as well. The artist who inspires me most to paint them is John Weiss. Weiss has long had a contract to reproduce his artwork from Greenwich workshop. Below is wonderful example of Weiss’s work with man’s best friend. He does a great job at showing mans companionship with his four legged friend. Weiss does a great job at capturing the playfulness of puppies in this work. Be sure and catch the puppy superbowl tomorrow.

John Weiss 16

Try painting a dog today!