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Artist of the moment…..Michelle Grabner



Michelle Grabner is an American painter and print maker renown for her abstract style based on basic geometric shapes. Michelle Grabner was born in the year 1962.

Grabner received an excellent collegiate education earning M.A. and a B.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin located at Milwaukee. Grabner also earned a M.F.A. from Northwestern University.

Here we visit a show featuring Grabner from 2013:

Grabner has held solo exhibitions of her work in the United States and Europe.

Price range information: Sorry none available. The artist works in oils or enamels.

Below a link to the website of Michelle Grabner:

Grabner has also taught at the collegiate level serving as chair of the painting and drawing department at the Art Institute of the School of Chicago.



Artist of the moment……..Photographer Franco Fontana




Franco Fontana is a modern Italian photographer renown for his works that consist of basic geometric shapes. Franco Fontana was born in Modena, Italy in the year 1933. The artist also creates paintings from time to time.

The artist has seen his work used in the music industry for album covers.

In this clip a great interview with Fontana. We also accompany the artist to an outdoor landscape shoot:

Fontana has worked in many genres including the human figure, landscapes, and fashion. For most of his work he relied on 35 mm cameras.

The artist has enjoyed a great deal of commercial success and has seen his work appear in advertising campaigns of the nations largest companies over his lengthy career.

His works can be found in more than 60 museums around the globe.

Price range information: Most works range from $1,000 to $10,000.

My favorite works of this artist are his images of the female figure shot with the basic shapes seen in the swimming pool.

We close by checking out some Fontana’s wonderful landscape imagery:




Artist of the moment………Robert Swain



Robert Swain was born in Austin, Texas in the year 1940. Swain is renown for his style of brigh colors and basic geometric shapes.

Swain attended American University located in Washington D.C. where he earned a bachelor of arts degree.

In this clip we catch up with James Kalm to visit a show featuring the work of Robert Swain from 2010. It is a career retrospective featuring works from 1967 to 2010:

Below a link to the website of the artist. Many works are shown here that cover his art from the 1960s to present day:

Swain usually works with acrylic paint.

Below we catch up with our friend James Kalm and visit a recent show from 2015 that featured the work of Robert Swain:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Swain is a past recipient of a fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation.

Swain’s style of art is very modern in both its design and bright acrylic paint. His work reminds me of street artist invader, as both artists work are similar to the first pixel images seen on computers.




Artist of the moment……..Aakash Nihalani



Aakash Nihalani is an American artist renown for his installations that are made of colored tape. Nihalani attended New York University where he began his collegiate career studying law before switching to art and earning a B.F.A.

In this clip we view a show and brief interview with Nihalani:

Aakash Nihalani was born in Queens, New York in the year 1986.

Below we view Nihalani complete an installation work that brings a touch of art to a stop sign:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

I enjoy Nihalani’s use of basic geometric shapes and their dimensions as works of art. His use of colors and play of dimensions is a wonderful and unique style of art that translates into awesome gallery or street works.


Artist of the moment………Okudart


Okudart ,also known as Okuda, is an amazing street artist renown for his unique style of mixing the human face with geometric shapes.

Okudart’s government name is Oscar San Miguel Erice.

The artist attended school in Madrid, Spain at the Complutense University of Madrid.

In this clip we view a piece made for Movember. This is actually November, but has been renamed Movember as men are encouraged to grow facial hair to help bring aware to prostate cancer and other health issues:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we view a collaborative work of Rosh333 and Okudart:

Below a link to the website:

What a great style the artist has developed. His work has so many facets of different art movements including realism, abstract, the pattern and decorations movement, and Op- Art.



Artist of the moment………John Cecil Stephenson





John Cecil Stephenson was a British painter who was among the first to work in a Modernist style. John Cecil Stephenson was born in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England in the year 1899. The city is in the north east part of the country.

Stephenson attended the Leeds School of Art and the Royal College of Art located in London, England.

The artist was a friend of many of the most renown modernist painters including Piet Mondrian and Henry Moore.

John Cecil Stephenson passed away in 1965.

Price range information: Sorry none available. The artist worked in oils, gouache, inks, and watercolors.

Stephenson reminds me of the American painter now living in France, Shirley Jaffe.

The artist is part of the Tate Museum Collection.


Artist of the moment………..Charles Burwell


Charles Burwell is an African-American painter renown for his abstract style which features strong design patterns and color.

Charles Burwell was born in the year 1955. For his collegiate education Burwell earned a B.F.A. from the Tyler School of Art Temple located in Philadelphia. The artist went on to earn a M.F.A. from Yale University located in New Haven, Connecticut.

What I like most about the artist is his sense of design and layering shapes on top of each other. Some works, especially when seen in small thumbnails on a computer screen, appear to be collage works. With his wonderful sense of repeating shapes and placement Burwell is able to create a tremendous amount of depth in the picture plane.

The artist often works with acrylics and oils.

Below a great interview with Charles Burwell:

Price range information: Sorry none available.





Artist of the moment……….Andrew Spence


Sorry I haven’t been writing the past few days. More computer problems came up, but for now they are solved.

Andrew Spence is an American artist renown for his abstract paintings often featuring red and basic geometric shapes. Andrew Spence was born in the year 1947. Spence is a painter and very active printmaker.

Spence attended the Tyler School of Art Temple located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The artist went on to earn a M.F.A.  from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Spence has won a fellowship from the Guggenheim and also a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The artist is based out of New York City.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Spence has such a unique palette for the wonderful reds he uses in his work. This color can be one of the most difficult to control.



Artist of the moment……….Minoru Niizuma



Minoru Niizuma was a sculptor renown for his abstract works made of marble. Niizuma often works mixes geometric shapes and organic shapes in his art.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Minoru Niizuma was born in Tokyo, Japan the year 1930. The artist attended college in Tokyo at the National Academy of Fine Arts.

The artist was also a great teacher and he taught at Columbia University and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Although he is renown for his marble works Niizuma also worked with granite and volcanic rock.

Minoru Niizuma passed away in 1998.

Niizuma is included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Tokyo, Japan and the Guggenheim of New York City.

The artist was a wonderful designer. Niizuma had a great knack for mixing organic and geometric shapes to produce some very unique sculptures.


Artist of the moment……..Street Artist Moneyless



Moneyless is an Italian born street artist renown for his three dimensional installation works and paintings of basic geometric shapes.  Moneyless also goes by the name of Teo Pirisi. The artist has used his background as a street artist and his studies of industrial architecture and design to develop his own unique language of expression and art.

Teo Pirisi was born in the year 1980.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist attended the Fine Art Academy located in Carrara, Italy where he studied industrial design and architecture. He also attended the Higher Institute for Artistic Industries located in Florence, Italy.

Below we view a time lapse of Moneyless as he works on a painting:

Moneyless was heavily influenced by the street and graffiti art of Tuscany, Italy.

Below a link to the website of Moneyless:

The artist says his work and the shapes involved represent ideas.

Below a quick glimpse of a gallery show featuring the paintings and drawings of Moneyless. These works remind me of when I was very young and two of my favorite toys were the Spirograph and the Slinky.


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