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Artist of the moment…..Cherish Alexander


One of the youngest emerging artists is Five Nations artist Cherish Alexander. Cherish Alexander has a wonderful gift for capturing expressions and bold designs in her sculpture work. On many masks we see at least two carved faces. I am also struck by the fact that she depicts women, much of the Five Nations Art masks captures the face of a male/ warrior.

Cherish Alexander was born in Terrace, British Columbia in the 1997.

Alexander was inspired to become an artist after taking a class as a high school student that specialized in Northwest Coast Art.

Alexander represents the Gitxsan and the Tsimshian Nations.

Its great to see such a young artist who is inspired by the traditional Northwest Coast art. Her expressions and use of color is remarkable.

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Artist of the moment….Northwest Coast Artist John P. Wilson

John P. Wilson is a Haisla  nation artist born in the year 1973 in Kitimit, British Columbia. Wilson just started at the Northwest Coast School of Art but is quickly gaining a reputation for working in many mediums.

His crest is the killer whale.

Wilson is attending the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art. Here he has worked with renowned artist Bob Dempsey.

The favorite medium of Wilson is wood. He isn’t limited to wood and has produced paintings , prints, and jewelry.

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A link to the facebook page where you may see more work by the artist:

Think about northwest coast art tonight whilst you are eating candy and partying !