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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY……Enjoy some candy from artist PETER ANTON….

Happy Mothers Day mom and every mother in the world. Thanks for being you and helping out!

Lets have some fun as Bob Ross would say and enjoy looking at food as art. Peter Anton is world renown born in New Haven, Connecticut in the year 1963, for his mixed media works that deal with the fattening sugary foods most everyone eats! Anton works larger than life giving him unique results.

First solo show in 1993 at thirty years of age.

Anton had a very unique entry for the 2012 Art Basel Miami. His work was installation where the viewer went through the exhibit in an actual roller coaster. Anton had filled the sides of backdrop with images of disaster that might exist in a world with live sized candies and sweets. People stood in line for many hours for this unique experience.

A link to the artist’s own website:

In this clip we view many sculptures by the artist.

In this clip we view an art collector’s house with President Bill Clinton in the foreground and a work of art by Peter Anton in the background.

Price range information: The artist works with mixed media and prices range $500 to $35,000.

Artists painting food…..The Groat Family….Hall Groat II

So lets talk about this modern painting family of Hall Groat I and II.

Today we will talk about the son, Hall Groat II, painter of food still lifes as well as landscapes.

He has some instructional painting DVDs for sale and here is a clip where he studies a pear painting of John Singer Sargent.

A clip showing 365 of the artists paintings in 2 minutes time. Too fast to really capture the paintings please watch and pause when you find a food subject you would like to see in detail.  For instance upon seeing the chocolate kisses by the artist I stopped the video and compared them to kisses painted by Scott Fraser who I detailed not long ago who sometimes paints the kisses on a copper background.

The artist giving a painting demo on painting fabric. A four minute clip from a two hour dvd he has on the market.

The artist lives in Manilus, New York.  He was born in 1967. Has wanted to become a professional artist since the age of 12, his father being a internationally collected painted Hall Groat.

The best thing we can learn from this artist is the composition. He places cheesecakes in just the right place, pointing them towards the corners but not exactly toward the corners. If you were to run a diagonal line from corner to corner and place a cheesecake on this line pointing towards the viewer that  would be a good design. If you were to move the line so it ended up close to the corner it will give your artwork another dimension. Notice how the silverware or triangular shaped desserts use this design skill to make the paintings seem larger than their small size. Many of the works listed are 11 by 14 inches and many are 5 by 7 or 8 by 10 inches.

When I started to paint the still life I also tried to keep the perfect circle of a plate, or even an entire ellipse. This artist shows us its better to crop the picture and make an interesting organic shape of your own.

Groat II went to college at City University at New York earning a masters degree in fine arts. He also took classes at Syracuse University, Buffalo State University, and Savannah College of Art and Design.  The artist is a professor of fine and media arts at Broome Community College.

A great teacher of the arts he has produced 27 DVDs and sold more than 18,000 copies! A great business artist who is highly skilled at painting food. One entire DVD, DVD 23 teaches how to paint great desserts.

Here is a link to the DVDs for sale by the artist.

Try to paint your next dessert before you eat it.

Next post will be Hall Groat Senior!

Happy painting!


Artists painting food…..Ben Steele…

low priced range: $1,500

high priced range: $7,500

mediums used: oils

surfaces used: canvas

A link to the artist’s website: The home page has a wonderful painting of some surrealistic dogs painted in a “Dali” style.

On line and land based galleries: CODA Galleries in both Park City, Utah and Palm Desert, California.

Park City, Utah :

Palm Desert, California:

Sante Fe, New Mexico:  Giacobbe Fritz Gallery.

This artist is similar to Robert Jackson in that both take a very humorous approach to painting.  The works of this artist not only have the tools of great painting such as color and composition, but in most of his works he makes references to artists of the past.

One picture to look at is the first one in the gallery. A non chain movie theater with one of Andy’s most famous works, Marilyn Monroe. The marquee even makes a mention of Andy’s old study in the 1960s, the silver factory. A similar idea is made when the artist uses Marilyn on what seems to be a very old and weather worn farm building.

In the second painting from the top we have Munch’s famous painting the Scream. If you remember the television series Roseanne, one of the kids had it hanging in their bedroom. Here it is used as a logo for a fictitious beverage company.

Although the artist is realist I love the fact he paid homage to Abstract painters of well. The work which I remember about the artist the most was this fantastic work with a spray painted image ( the artist painted it so it looked spray painted) of Jackson Pollack and it is titled Jack the Ripper. This man loves art history. For those of us who love art history each work might be considered a “rebus.” A rebus is a puzzle made of signs or symbols. Its great fun to see if you can recall names of the artists who he refers to.

The artist was born in 1977 in Kennewick, Washington. He attended college at the University of Utah studying painting and drawing. He now lives and works in Halper, Utah.

Another favorite series of paintings by the artist are those that mix children’s drawings books with famous figures of the art world.  In one artwork the makes reference to the Ma and Pop farm couple done by Grant Wood. In another made up children’s book he makes reference to Andy Warhol. Yet another wonderful piece was done with Chuck Close as the subject with cigarettes lying on top. By leaving the coloring semi finished the piece has a super fresh feel to it.

He has appeared in national art magazines American Art Collector and Southwest Art. Southwest Art named him one of the 21 artists under 31 years of age to watch.

No art homework today, relax and do some drawing. Just a pen or pencil and white sheet of paper!

Happy painting!


Artists that portray food…..Terry Romero Paul….

mediums used: oils

surfaces used: canvas

This artist paints landscapes as well as food still lifes.  I enjoy her paintings of donuts and ice cream. She has a unique approach many times painting donuts just after someone has taken the first bite.  Although the artist paints fresh ice cream cones she also paints melted ice cream cones, giving the viewer a  new take on an old subject. Most times she paints the doughnut as if the viewer is looking down upon it, another innovative design technique.

Here is a link to the artist’s website:

On the website she talks about the doughnut series. The circle of the doughnut represents eternity to the artist. A few years ago she had a life threatening illness and now she appreciates life even more. I myself had tremendous problems with diabetes, it took a long while but finally I was back to normal and with a work ethic better than ever. As for the doughnuts she painted them with a bite missing to symbolize the hands on a clock and how each minute of life should not be taken for granted.

When thinking of herself and her place in the art world she quotes Vincent Van Gogh and his saying ” The only time I feel alive is when I am painting!”  She thinks of painting as being as essential to life as food or water. I agree!  You can never see enough art!

The artist also takes commissions.

Paul attended college at California State in Northridge. She also studied at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts. She also attended the  Chouinard School of Fine Arts. She worked in the animation industry painting backgrounds, Thomas Kinkade also made the leap from background animation artist to fine art. In the past she also has painted murals.

Paul also has been in national art magazines such as American  Art Collector.

She will be in an upcoming show for the National Orange Show in San Bernardino, California. In the past year she was also included the Women’s City Club of Pasadena for some floral paintings.

This artist has a great technical background as well as great use of color. A great painter of many subjects with a very keen eye for design. She has had so many top level professors as well as working in the illustration industry to help her sense of design.

For today’s art homework think ahead to your next breakfast. How about some toast or a bagel?  After you have toasted the bread, take a bite and then draw or paint it.

Happy painting!




Artists who paint food…..Eugene Wang….

This artist used to live in California but now makes his home up north in Canada. I enjoy his varieties of food that he paints. Very fresh and still wet seafood alongside candy canes and other packaged candy in wonderfully reflected plastic. He now makes his home in Toronto, Canada.

He has very unique composition ideas with knives pointing to split bagels and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He tends to paint the surface as a highly reflective and glossy. His works have a wide variety of different textures as well. Most of these paintings were sold directly from his website and many works are 8 by 10 or 5 by 7. A perfect addition to any collection!

mediums used: oils

surfaces used: gessoed hardboard

Prices vary and be sure to check out his website to keep on his auctions. Very good price for the high quality.

The website covers his paintings he has done from 2008 to present day.

Try taking a small canvas maybe 8 by 10 or 5 by 7 and work hard at making a strong composition with simple shapes. If you feel strong enough try to incorporate 4 different textures into your artwork. It could be wood texture for a table, a lifesaver in plastic wrap, and a linen or napkin.

Happy painting!




Artists who paint food…Andy Warhol…

low price range: prints of cakes can be had for $10 on

high price range: 100 million

The artist was a great businessman and was a celebrity spokesman for many products. In this short clip he is working for Burger King and eating one of their sandwiches.

See the many commercial replicas of Warhol’s soup cans here. Pins, prints, and even a souper dress made from Campbells soup labels. It was their way of going green back in the 60s and 70s, recycled clothing. If you are in Denver you can see one of these dresses at the Vance Kirkland Art Museum.

Overall I think this artist is my favorite. He loved the idea of the business of being an artist.  He was super successful as a commercial artist. He went on to produce wonderful independent films. He accomplished many dreams in his life going from rags to riches but never got to Hollywood.

I often think to myself the internet was tailor made for Andy.

The artist was born in 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and he died in 1987  from complications during a surgery. He was nearly killed by a woman who had sent him a screenplay to be made into a film.He lost the play and kept telling her he would send it in the mail. The lady went to the factory and shot Warhol, who thought for sure he was dying.  He was taken to the hospital and an Italian doctor recognized the artist and led an operation team that worked on him for five hours.

He attended college at Carnegie Institute of Technology  in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  from 1945 to 1949. Right after college he moved to New York City, had many roomates, and started to establish himself as a commercial artist.

First solo show dealt with Truman Capote and it was in 1952.

Warhol founded the Interview magazine in 1969. Went to the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1978.

He made his own television show for cable in 1982. He created a show called Fifteen Minutes for MTV in 1986.  He was so far ahead of his time, MTV now shows far more reality television than new music videos.

The artist’s works are similar to the Dow Jones in that by following sales of his works one can view the strength of the art market as a whole. Warhol made a painting titled the Nine Elvises and it was sold for 100 million dollars.

For todays art homework go to your favorite ice cream parlor, order your favorite dessert, and then paint or draw it first!

Happy painting!


Artists who paint food….Michael Gregory…

this artist is known for his paintings of heavily warn farm buildings. For his food paintings I enjoy his cupcakes the most. In his landscapes he incorporates tar right along side the oil paints.  When he first started as a professional artist he painted the farm scape as it appeared in the country. He continues to paint the farm, but in different locations such as before a big wave breaks.

The artist was born in 1955 in Los Angeles, California.

low price range: $1500

high price range: $20,000

surfaces used: panel and canvas

mediums used: oils and tar

On line and land based galleries:   Nancy Hoffman Gallery in New York City.

Gail Severn Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho.  

Attended college at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  He went on to become a professor at the Academy as well.

In some landscapes dealing with the farm, hardly any color is used.  The pictures are something you might expect Ansel Adams to paint. He makes the viewer see beauty in something that has seen its best days as far as fresh paint and straight non weathered wood.

The artist also paints tulips. Most of the pieces I have included in the gallery are 12 by 8 inches. So simple, yet brilliant in their contrast of dark background vs. light or in some cases white colors.

The artist has found what he loves to paint tulips and farm scenes.  I hope he does a series featuring wedding cakes or more cupcakes. From a design standpoint I enjoy his compositions in the flowers the most. Similar to Robert Kushner who NEVER painted a horizon line, concentrating on the upward movement and growth of the flower.

He was influenced by the great Flemish painter Pieter  the Elder Bruegel. Brugel lived back in the 1500s and did awesome paintings dealing with large crowds of people sometimes working, sometimes playing in the fields they worked, sometimes dancing. Bruegel was  a true master at composition of large groups.

On some of the large paintings of farms the artist paints very large, 72 inches by 60 inches in most cases.  I love the farm paintings even more than the food paintings because the farms have a sense of timelessness to the them.  Its the feeling I get when visiting my grandparents farm in Montana. Very peaceful and full of memories and nostalgia. Playing in the dirt, chasing rabbits, even waiting 10 minutes for the weather to change.

For todays homework please go and take a close up picture of a tulip! Its truly their time of year now! Just pick one and pretend you are a master Dutch painter and try to paint a convincing portrait of the tulip.

Happy painting!


Artists who paint food…..Adam Forfang….

A link to the artist’s own website.

The artist shows at John Pence Gallery in San Francisco, California:

surfaces used: panel

mediums used: oils

A link here for some drawings done by the artist. The John Pence Gallery is unique from other galleries in that displaying drawings is just as important as displaying paintings. Its great to see not just the finished product by the artist, but also the steps used to get there.

The artist attended college at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California.  The artist went on to join the staff of his alma mater and is now  a professor for both painting and drawing.

The artist has appeared in national art magazines such as Southwest Art magazine and American Art Collector.

Lives in San Francisco, California.

Low price range: $1,500

High price range: $15,000

I enjoy his use of apples as people in his still lifes. The same style as Robert Jackson, giving each one a dose of animation and liveliness. His landscapes always have a sense of calm to them. Quiet subdued greys and motionless water give his water landscapes an extra dose of serenity. Even his sunsets that have loads of color, also include a variety of blended greys that make the color in the skies jump out even further.


For art homework today.  How about trying to paint and draw an apple as a character. Really try and give it animation. For ideas on how it might be done check out some drawings by Disney’s Nice Old Men and the movie Fantasia especially.


Happy painting!


Artists that portray food….Robert Sweeney…

An overview of the artist’s work.

mediums used: oils

surfaces used: canvas


This  artist  paints a wide variety of subject matter from landscapes, floral still lifes, and my favorite the dessert foods such as pie and caramel apples. Of all the food the artist paints the apples are fun to look out as they are made to look almost plastic and shiny as just out of the oven.

The artist received a MFA from Boston University College for the Visual Arts.

The artist went on to become a  professor at Amherst College, a leading university when it comes to studying the arts, which is located in Amherst, Massachusetts.

On line and land based galleries: Kendall Art Gallery located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

William Baczek Gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Not much info on this artist, but his food makes me crave an a nice warm apple covered with caramels. Sweeney also is a great painter of the city.  He uses compositions that show the urban sprawl of mainly European cities from a high perspective.  His palette in these paintings uses muted earth tones and a few greys which gives a sense of timelessness to the paintings. It could be 2012 or 1912.

For today’s art homework idea how about finding a high viewpoint of the city you live in, take a few pictures or paint from there if possible. Its refreshing to paint a landscape in a different view and it might help you to create better perspective in your landscapes.

Happy painting!





Artists portraying food…..David James Gilhooly…

mediums used: clay, plaster, glass, marker

low price range: $2,500

high price range: $10,000

I had to change the title from artists who paint food to artists who portray food.  Another artist who inserts humor into his works, mainly thru ceramics although he has also done a fair amount of prints.

The artist  was born in 1943 in Auburn, California.  He was an artist of the Funk Art movement in the 1960s. The movement sought to bring humor and fun to subjects, to give them a character so to speak. He developed a style that focuses on the food and the interaction among frogs.

The artist attended college earning both a bachelor degree and master’s degree from the University of California at Davis. His favorite professor was Roy DeForest who also became his mentor.  The student became a teacher himself at the college level at his alma mater, the University of Saskatchewan, and San Jose State College. He became part of Funk Art Movement which was a collective of ceramicists mainly active in the San Francisco Bay area.

His first job directly after college was as a watercolor instructor at San Jose State College. He didn’t own a kiln at the time, but wanted to work with large animals.  For the structure he used chicken wire and covered it with wheatpaste. He had a number of bad experiences while working with paper mache seeing some works get moldy with exposure to the elements and another time a piece was folded in half due to wind while he was transporting it! He went on to anger the his fellow faculty members and was not fired only because he was so newly hired. He was put on probation for teaching such demonstrative ideas of how to use watercolor.  He went on to “break” the rules of watercolor and paper mache at other collegiate teaching engagements.

Studied with famed figure sculptor Manuel Neri. Neri will be included in my sculpture section coming up soon!

In 1982 Gilhooly did some work using Plexiglass as his medium.

The artist is included in museums from Honolulu, Hawaii to the Whitney Museum of Modern Art in New York City as well as museums in the Netherlands and Canada.

This artist inserts a great deal of fun and comedy into his works.  In the mid 1990s he quit working in clay and moved to working with shadowboxes.

He currently lives in Newport, Oregon.

website for the artist:

The website is full of much more information and the artist will respond personally if you ask a question. He doesn’t work full time in ceramics anymore, but you can be added to a mailing list notifying you when new works are available.

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