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Awesome Acrylic Artist series….. Paul Mathenia

the artist is great to learn from as he is a success selling his own originals as well as selling prints.

Mediums used: acrylics and watercolor

surface: canvas and paper

Low price range for originals in acrylics- $650

High price for originals in acrylics- $2500

Great painter of any genre, landscape, floral, or figure. I would say figure is the weakest and floral is the best for his commercial work. If you are lucky you might find an old poster for sale of his at michaels as I did for less than ten bucks!

Below is a link for the artist’s facebook page.

Gallery: Art on Broadway in Beaverton, Oregon the link is

We can learn many things from this artist. He works quickly in both acrylics and watercolor. Don’t be worried about not selling a painting, worry about not creating a painting. Even great artists have pieces that don’t sell.  Its just not likely you will sell 10 out of 10 paintings, a more realistic goal is to try and paint ,paint, paint. Produce first, then try and get to where you are selling 5 out of 6 paintings. Get involved with the process of creating art, not just the end result. As you improve your skills, you will sell more, its that simple! I would say a great artist is hoping to sell 7 out of 10 paintings. Many galleries have stacks and stacks of unsold work that sits in back. Ask to see these works and you will find great bargains, sometimes quick watercolor or acrylic pieces that were used as a basis for an oil painting.

The artist is also great as he teaches workshops in both watercolor and acrylics.

Has some posters out on or

He is also a great marketer with a very good website on facebook showing him giving painting lessons and some of his wonderful landscapes and floral scenes.

Try a watercolor or acrylic today, see if you can learn to soften all the edges before the paint dries.

Happy painting!