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Artists working with the face and the figure…..Annysa Ng

This clip is from a show featuring the artist. The verbal parts are in Chinese but the pictures start at 14 seconds. Its great to see the artwork as it might appear in person so as to appreciate the extremely large size of the art.

The artist was born in Hong Kong and spent her childhood growing up in the Eastern part of the world. She currently resides in New York City. If I had to  compare her to another artist who paints in a similar manner it would be Kara Walker. The African American woman who paints silhouettes that deal with the many feelings that existed between the races during slavery and the days of the Underground Railroad.  In the works of Annysa and Kara Walker the viewer only sees the outline of the subjects in the picture. With so many shadowed covered areas like the mouth or the eyes its impossible figure out exactly what the viewer the subject is feeling. Instead the viewer must place themselves in the work and feel the emotions for themselves.

Her characters seem very elegantly dressed. Perhaps a deck of Chinese playing card queens that has sprung to life. Its great when the subject has no color or expression, the viewer can do it for themselves and have more fun in the process.

Attended the College of Visual Arts in New York City. Also attended the Saatchi Academy of Art  in Germany. Took classes in computer arts in Hong Kong.

Has been a part of national art competitions that focus on contemporary young artists such as the Basel Fine Arts show.

The artist works in a variety of media including ink, ,acrylics, and oils.

Has painted a mural for a hotel in Germany.

Another idea that comes to mind when looking at this artist’s work is the sixty year  jubilee for the Queen of England the idea of colonialism. The mix of an Asian as royalty but dressed as European loyalty with their clothing, is another idea great contrast.  Coming from Communist China the artist also enjoys making narratives out of the male dominated aspects of life and the little say the working woman gets nowadays.

on line and land based galleries: Blindspot Galleries in Central Hong Kong.

The artist is very prolific and in addition to painting also enjoys creating sculptures and installations. The artist also heads her own atelier should you wish to improve your painting or drawing skills!

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Artists working with the face and figure……Zhou Jinhua

A clip showing the artist preparing for a gallery show.

The artist was born in Deyang, China in 1978.

Attended college at the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in Chongking, China. Now lives and works in Beijing and Chongking, China.

On line and land based galleries:   White Rabbit Gallery in   Chippendale in New South Wales, Australia.

When I think of this artist I think of the large groups of people, a large mass involved in a unique situation.  The artist mixes realism with imagination and spectacular vantage points.  If ever there was an artist who painted scenes from a birds eye view, HERE HE IS.

I enjoy his vantage point and sometimes the viewer can even experience a feeling of falling. Comic book artists in general do a great deal of drawing the figure from unique view points, but this artist is as good as it gets for painting in this manner with oils and acrylics.  The artist is also great at making his compositions and the people in them flow in one direction, the viewers eye is always asking questions.

The subject might be enjoying a great day on a beach, but in the painting’s reality it is only a bathtub.  Zhou Jinhua is also great at making the viewer smile and laugh.

An artlink address for the artist :

high price range: acrylics $20,000

low price range: $8,000 oils

The artist loves to mix two of his favorite mediums, photography ( for the aerial shots) and ancient Chinese calligraphy to give his works tremendous flow and movement. As a young boy when he received his first camera he immediately went out climbing to the tops of roofs, bridges,  and trees just to take pictures. Paints very large canvases.

Looking deeper into the artist’s work lets analyze the people.  Each is painted individually, not as a group. Many are going there own separate paths and sometimes even characters that are standing next to each other have shadows going in different directions.

A direct quote from the artist for his use of the bird’s eye view,” The bird’s eye view I use for my pictures is not a position of power for me- I need distance from the event in order to understand whats happening there.”

Drawing groups of people and making them interesting is one of the toughest tasks you can have as an artist. Some pointers. Start in the background and use greys for clothes in the distance, in the foreground use some complimentary colors.  Some great painters of groups include the Italian artist Giotto.  My favorite modern day painter of groups would be Joseph Zbukvic.

Try an aerial view work today!

Inhale, Exhale, CREATE!


Artists working with the face and figure…..Willie Kissmer



A short clip showing the many works of the artist.  See the many close up and cropped views of the female figure. Most of the time twisting with skin tight clothing. I found his work to be very sensual and moving despite the fact the viewer never makes contact with a face, only the figure.

A real treat here!  For the first time I have  a visual artist making music!  BroselMaschine, the band formed by the artist in the 1970s, singing. They were known for singing in a folk music style with lyrics in German and English.If you do a youtube search for BroselMaschine you will find many clips to amuse yourself!

Willi Kissmer deals mainly with the female torso. Much the same way another artist I have written about, John Kacere, the artist is known for the torso and most of the time the skin is covered with a skin tight fabric.  Most of the artist’s work is a mixture of etchings and aquatints. Occasionally he paints with oils on paper.

The artist was born in Duisberg, Germany in 1951.  As a teen he didn’t know what dream to chase. Should he be a visual artist or a musician?

The artist studied art and printmaking in college. Attended college at the University of Essen and the University of Duisberg. The artist did achieve success as a musician as well.  Kissmer the guitarist has released three albums.

The artist considers his figure works still lifes.  The artist loves to play up the light, textures, and folds of the skin.

On line and land based gallery:   Avalon Gallery located in Carmel by the Sea, California.

Kelly’s Fine Art in Alexandria, Virginia.

Onessimo in Palm Beach, Florida.     This webpage is great as it talks about etchings, drypoints, mezzotints and the different processes used for each.

A link to his own website:                      I highly recommend to visit the artist’s website. You can view the artist’s studio and get a sense of the many mediums he uses in his works.

low priced range: $500 for a print

high priced range:   Does have original oils on paper works out as well as bronzes. Bronzes are between seven to ten thousand dollars.

From a design standpoint the artist stands out as fantastic painter of fabric. His use of folds in the drapery make the viewer feel as if they are looking at a live and breathing human torso. The artist believes clothes and fabrics emanates calmness. When you add in the wonderful curves of the female body such as the thigh, the waist, or the breasts and the long straight lines of the fabric and folds its a feast for the eyes!

For some art home work try designing a work with only the female torso and clothes. Play the straight folds of the clothes off the curved shapes of the female figure.

Happy painting!


Artists working with the face and figure……Khosrow Hassanzedah

This artist hails from Iran. He was born 1963 in Tehran, Iran.

He has gained worldwide fame for his silkscreens that feature terrorists. In this sense his works remind me of the riot scenes that Warhol made when the nation was going thru extreme racial difficulties.

I enjoy his work and it strikes me as something Warhol might produce if he were still with us.

A clip from New York City’s Leila Heller Gallery and a show featuring the artist that took place in March of this year.

The artist and some multi media box art works he made a few years ago.

The artist still lives in Tehran and works as a visual artist and also an actor. In Iran he is labeled as a political artist. He has used his own experiences during a war as  a basis for some of his paintings.  He even used prostitutes that were murdered in a city called Mashad as a basis for some artworks.

The artist makes a wide variety of prints and uses mediums such as silkscreen, gold and silver leaf, as well as making images on unique surfaces such as ceramic. He also paints with acrylics.

Attended college in Tehran from 1989 to 1991 and from 1995 to 1999. He studied Persian literature at Azad University. Also took private art lessons from Aydeen Aghdashlou.

low price range: $5,000

high price range: $ 70,000

surfaces used:  canvas, board, ceramic

Due to uprisings against governments I would imagine it very difficult to be an artist dealing with negative thoughts or ideas about a government. In some countries you might be jailed or beaten for expressing any dissents you have about the government. This was the case with China’s most famous artist Ai Weiwei. He was beaten and had to pay a large fine for tax evasion. To be a political artist in countries like China, Iran, or North Korea can be life threatening. One can only hope that eventually the artists are able to live in an environment that allows them to produce their art without having any restrictions or fear of reproach.

Online and land based galleries:  New York City    Leila Heller Gallery     

Fought in the Iran and Iraq wars in the early 1980s and 1990s.

Has works in the British Museum, the World Bank in Washington D.C., and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

From this artist we can learn how to use mixed media to make wonderful designs. Knowing nothing about the meaning of the calligraphic words and marks I see in the artist’s work, their curves and designs are great accents to the figure he uses.  His gold leaf patterns are magnificent.

Happy painting!


Artists working with the face and figure…. Kim Dong Yoo


The artist was born in1965 in Kongju, South Korea. He is known for painting what you might call “double portraits.” He nearly always paints celebrities but approaches them differently than most other artists by his unique style. For a painting of Marilyn Monroe, the artist might use a repeating image of John F. Kennedy as the two were romantically linked. He has even used an image of Marilyn Monroe as a basis for a wonderful image of the Chairman Mao. Its very interesting to think of what the connection is between the many faces that the viewer sees.

Below is a clip of two Madonna works of art.  For the smaller repeating image the entertainer Madonna was used. The larger image is that of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.

A short clip featuring a show by  the artist at Gallery Hasted Kraeutler.

The artist went to college in South Korea attending MokWon University in Daejeon, South Korea for both a bachelors and masters degree. He received his masters degree in 1990, in 2010 the artist went back to the college but this time as a full time art instructor.

Mediums used: Oil and acrylic paints.

surfaces used: Canvas,  the artist  paints rather large many of the smaller sides of his works are 50 to 60 inches, the larger sides are 80 to 90 inches.

low price range: $12,000 for an acrylic original painting.

high price range: $ 650,000 for a large Marilyn Monroe painting.

For 2011 and 2012 many auctions for his larger works are going between $40,000 to $60,000.

on line and land based galleries:  Hasted Kraeutler Gallery in the heart of Chelsa’s Art District.

I hope you take some time to check out the other artists at the gallery, mainly one Marc Dennis whom I have written about in the past. He loved bugs and started off painting floral and insect paintings, and his latest works at this gallery include many scenes with guns and a very interesting painting with fish.


The artist is very unique in his process and spends hundreds of hours painting the same image for the most part, and the end result is fantastic. Each miniature portrait is painted in fine detail, not egg tempera but a similar tight feel.  And many artists working in this style use a computer to construct and move the individual images around, this artist takes the time to hand paint EVERYTHING! Working in this style he is able to complete only three to five paintings per year.

If you like looking at smaller pictures that lead up to large pictures also check out David Mach and Vik Muniz who have similar styles.

Happy painting!



Artists working with the face and figure….John Kacere…

A short clip featuring some fantastic drawings and paintings of the artist.You also get to see some images of the artist at work on one of his paintings.  The size of many of his figure work is 50 or so by 40 or so inches, very much larger than life.

When I think of this artist I think of  the torso,  lingerie that is very translucent and wonderful organic lines of the female figure. The circle shape represented by the belly button, long “S” curved lines around the legs, even the exiting shape made by the underwear has a wonderful dimensionality to it the way it envelopes the figure. The artist was also great at painting the different textures of the human skin and the satin and sheer feel of the lingerie.

The artist was born in 1920 in Walker, Iowa.

Kacere attended college at the University of Iowa at Cedar Rapids earning both a bachelors degree and masters degree.

The artist died aged 79 in 1999 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

on line and land based gallery:    Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City.

The artist painted mainly with oils on linen. He worked in many mediums such as lithography, serigraph, drawings in graphite which are great studies in the female torso, and also pen and ink.

low price range: many prints available less than 1,000. Original oils around $10,000. Also has lithographs and pin up girl series calenders that go from $200 to $1000 for the most part.

high price range: Original oils for $50,000.

For his paintings he worked larger than life working around three times actual size.

Kacere started off as an abstract expressionist before working in with an idea of photo realism in the 1960s. For a short time he painted the entire female figure, but soon returned to painting the midsection wrapped in lingerie.

We can learn many ideas from the artist. First, composition. Rather than painting the whole entire figure, how about painting a section that has curves to play with. The triceps and biceps are very curvy, if you add some hands you will have many curves and straight lines.  Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this artist is his lingerie. They all have a wonderful sheen, very translucent and reflecting a great deal of light.  Another great subject mastered by the artist would be bedding. Wonderful ‘S” shaped lines envelope the soft round midsection. I find the works very intimate and thought provoking, I would consider the works “body portraits” Very emotional paintings without any eyes or mouths.

Always be thinking of fun compositions to try.

Happy painting!


Artists working with the face and figure….Alyssa Monks…

My favorite contemporary artist working with the figure without a doubt.  When I think of her work I make an emotional connection to her subjects. She is always bringing new ideas to an old genre, wet bodies and wet glass.

A brief interview with a gallery owner discussing Alyssa Monks paintings.

A short montage of more of the artist’s portfolio of women and water.

From her website you can purchase giclee prints of her figure work for around $350 plus tax. The prints are small in size such as 9 by 12 inches, but have wonderful color.

medium used: oils on linen

The artist talking at DFN Gallery about a show.  As far as elegant looking artists she is on par with Raphaella Spence!

Of all the figures I have seen painted by the artist, my favorite are the closeup paintings of a female body pressed against glass. The technical skill level is very high and the viewer feels the “wetness” of the skin as well as the heat of the human body.  Another nice aspect of the paintings is the water droplets. A great painting lesson is to replicate droplets of water, be they on a beverage can or on the human.

The artist was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey in 1977. I find her portraits to be very emotional on many levels. Of all the portraits I have seen the most the two artists that inspire me the most would be Rembrandt and Monks.  In most of her pictures the artist is also the model. The same with Rembrandt and his many portraits. Both artists drew and painted their faces so many times its amazing to see the growth not only in anatomy and flesh tones, but also portraying expression. The artist enjoys using herself as a model because she knows her faults and is very comfortable about her body.

The artist was inspired by Jackson Pollack to start placing the figure pressed up against glass in the shower. She makes the viewer take one shot of realism with one shot of abstraction to produce a very lively picture. Please take notice of the American Art Collector that has a painting of hers on the cover. In reality the actual painting was 5 by 7 inches. Hard to believe something so powerful and intriguing could be a magazine cover and only 5 by 7 inches in real life!  A high technical level of ability mixed with new ideas such as glass, steam, and water make for an exciting future for this artist.

She has work available in a variety of sizes from 5 by 7 inches to works 40 by 60 inches. For prices I could only find an 11 by 16 oils on panel for $5,000. The artist seems to appear in the national art magazines such as American Art Collector and ArtNews.

A link for the artist’s own personal website.

mediums used:   oils on panel, linen

Next up I will write about all the interesting art auctions happening in the past few day. A Warhol painting of Elvis, A Rothko, the Scream by Edward Munch.  The last big auction house sold a little more than $380,000,000 worth of art breaking their estimates.


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Artists working with the face and figure…..Dan Beck….

A clip showing an opening at a gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas.  Mr. Beck is the gentleman with the mustache and lean build around 35 seconds or so into the clip.

This artist has made a name for himself in the art world over the past 3 to 4 years. He has won prizes at the national Oil Painters of America society for his portraits. An impressionistic painter who is quite prolific in his output.In 2011 he won a purchase prize for $25,000. Six years in a row he has won an OPA prize.

The artist was born in 1957. Went to college for a brief while at the University of Colorado at Colorado Spring and Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado. His parents were in the Air Force.

Has work in the Littleton Art Musuem in Colorado.

on line and land based galleries: Abend Gallery in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, Texas.,914

Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, California.

Evergreen Fine Art Gallery in Evergreen, Colorado.

mediums used:  oils and pastels

low price range: $1,000

high price range: $8,000

Has appeared in many national art magazines such as American Art Collector and Southwest Art magazines.

Besides painting the figure he also paints quiet cityscapes of cities on the water like Paris or Venice.

After high school the artist traveled for ten years working various jobs such as a ranch hand, construction worker, and he even joined the army serving four years and two years in Germany.He then sold everything and devoted himself to his artwork studying at the Denver Art Students League.

He is now based out of Lakewood, Colorado. He is married and has two daughters.

The artist credits his studies at the Art Student’s League of Denver and workshops with such as artists as Quang Ho, Ron Hicks, Richard Schmid, Carolyn Anderson, and Mark Daily as vital to his success.

The artist is highly sought after as a teacher.

A link to the artist’s own website.

Look for great things to come from this artist.  The Oil Painters of America will be having a show in Denver this fall, hopefully this artist will be included.

From a design standpoint I enjoy the many greys found in his works. Also I enjoy imagining the softness of certain items such as skin or satin/ silk nightgowns.  If you take a second to check out some gallery works visit the Greenhouse Gallery and look at some of the artist’s sunsets. The use of lighting and color is extraordinary. A great painter of the contemporary figure I encourage you to see his work in person if you have the opportunity.

Happy painting!