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Artist of the moment…………Eric Lacan


Eric Lacan is a wonderful  French artist renown for his depictions of the female figure. Eric Lacan was born in Marseuile, France in the year 1976. The city is suburb of Paris, France.

The artist produces fantastic drawings, is a prolific printmaker, and also a paper cut master artist. Most works consist of wheatpaste, acrylic paint, spray paint, and paper cuts.

Lacan began his career as a fashion illustrator.

Below we watch the artist install one of his posters at night time:

Lacan is also known as Monsieur Qui and is based out a city very near Paris called Vincennes.

The artist is very open about his work performing most of his street art during daylight hours. With his dress and overall employee look he does not seem out of place at all. In this clip we view Lacan put up one of his posters of a woman during the daytime:

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Below a link to the website of Eric Lacan:

If you enjoy the work of Lacan be sure and check out American street artist Swoon. Who also creates wonderful wheatpastes of women.