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Artist of the moment……Audrey Kawasaki



Audrey Kawasaki is an American street artist renown for her work with the female face and figure. Kawasaki attended the Pratt Institute located in New York City.

In this great clip we view Audrey Kawasaki at work on a piece:

Price range information: Sorry none available for originals. From time to time archival prints can be found for around $100.

Below a wonderful montage of works by Kawasaki:

The artist is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Below a link to the website of Kawasaki:

I really enjoy the artist’s style of painting the female face and figure on wood. Her backgrounds are very abstract since she paints on wood and lets this pattern be seen. The artist reminds me of Swoon although Kawasaki’s character’s being overtly more sexual.



Artist of the moment………..Jessica Sabogal


Jessica Sabogal is a street artist renown for her plight for trying to help women of different cultures from around the globe. Jessica Sabogal was based out of San Francisco, California. Sabogal is a first generation American, her parents both came from Colombia.

Sabogal tries to portray the beauty, grace, and power that exist in women.

The artist was commissioned to paint some murals at the Facebook’s California headquarters in Menlo Park.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the website of Jessica Sabogal:

Below a great interview with Sabogal:

The artist documented the people’s desire for change in Egypt with a peace celebrating the activity in Tahrir Square.

In this clip we check out Sabogal as she creates a very large mural:

What I find most interesting about Sabogal is that when she began painting the female figure and became obsessed with it, she switched from painting glamorous movie star women to heavier and fuller women and loved the results. The artist has a keen way of expressing herself via her art. No matter what the subject looks like, her works are always powerful.

The artist also has a great outlook on life. One of her goals is to help take care of every important woman in her life.


Artist of the moment…..Balthus

Balthus was born Balthasar Klossowski de Rola in Paris , France in the year 1908. Balthus was a world renown painter of the figure and in particular the female figure. His father was an art historian and his mother a painter. His early works depicted young sometimes innocent looking female girls in provocative poses.

In this clip a few paintings of Balthus set to music:

Balthus worked with an artist recently posted about, the poster artist Adolph Cassandre, in designing stage decorations.

Balthus had a great showing at the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City in 1956.

Price range information: Works range from $50,000 for works in pencil to more than $3 million for an oil painting.

He was married to an aristocrat from Switzerland first. Balthus also took a second wife in 1965. A young woman 35 years younger than himself that he met on a trip to Japan. This fact was another reason the artist was seen as mysterious.

In this clip we visit a show with the great James Kalm:

Balthus passed away in 2001 at the age of 92 years old. His funeral was attended by many stars including Bono.

What an eccentric and well loved and respected artist! Balthus has been an inspiration to many artists including James Kalm.


Artist of the moment….Chen Man

Chen Man is an internationally renown female photographer born in Beijing, China in the year 1980. She was seen as being highly skilled as a child, drawing a mouse at the age of two. Her parents sent her to a high school that developed artistic talent. For her artistic education she attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Chen Man was 23 and still a student when her work first appeared on the covers of a popular Chinese culture magazine. For her photography she uses such tools as Photoshop.

The artist is highly successful as a commercial photographer selling images to clients including Motorola and Gucci.

Her husband is the founder of a skate board company named Society Skateboards. The company sells all sorts of apparel for the skating crowd.

In this clip a short interview with the renowned photographer. With English subtitles;

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment…..Photographer Deborah Turbeville

Deborah Turbeville is an American photographer born in Boston, Massachusetts in the year 1938. Turbeville moved to New York City at the age of twenty to work for a well known designer.

Below a clip showing some fashion photographs of Deborah Turbeville.

On her style, she is renown for destroying the image or breaking it down before rebuilding it. The artist enjoys things that are worn down.

She was commissioned to shoot Versailles for Jackie Kennedy. For this project she went to find the unseen and undiscovered. Many of the images in this series have a haunted or ghostly feel. Turbeville went to look for memories. Shooting not only the front of various well known locales, but also the hidden pathways and doors slightly hidden and forgotten.

Didn’t start photography until the age of twenty as she aspired to be an actress.

price range info: Most images priced between $1,000 and $7,000.

Her work has appeared in many fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Baazar, Mademoiselle, Nova magazine,   and the New York Times.

Received Albert Eisenstadt award, another photographer already featured here, for magazine photography.

Received a Fulbright Scholarship for a lecture series in Russia in 2002.

In this clip we visit a shoot for Vogue Italia in 2010.

Throughout the year lives in New York City, Russia, and Mexico.

In this clip Turbeville talks about her methods of photographing the model.

A link to the artist’s website:

Most famous series for Turbeville was a series titled the Bath House Series shot in 1975 that featured scantily clad or nearly nude females.


Artist of the moment……Dora Gordine

Dora Gordine is among the best females sculptors in art history. Born in 1895 in Liepaja, Latvia, in the Russian Empire. In some articles it gives another birth date as 1906. One of four children.

in this clip we visit a museum show given for the artist.

Part two about the show featuring the artist.

Not much is known of her youth days Gordine moved to Paris and met artist Aristide Maillol, a famous French artist, and become intrigued by the world of art. Aristide was more than 30 years her senior and was able to impart his wealth of knowledge as a teacher to many art enthusiasts. Below an example of his work.


In 1936 she married a wealthy man who was the son of the 4th Earl of Listower. The house they lived in was called Dorich House, perhaps a precursor to Dowton Abbey!

Fellow of Royal British Society of Sculptors.

After her husband died unexpectedly from heart failure in 1966, she lived alone until her death in 1991 at the age of 96 years old. She quit producing art work in the 1970s.

Price range information: Most bronzes are priced between $5,000 and $25,000.


Artist of the moment…….Nguyen Van Cuong….

The artist was born in Thai Binh, Vietnam in 1976.  The artist attended college at Hanoi University finishing in 1999. He was the highest graduate of his class earning a bachelors degree in art.

He is best known for his paintings of young women.

Paints mainly oils on canvas but has worked with watercolor on ink frequently.

Currently part of teaching staff at National College of Music and Art.

Uses lacquer in most of his artwork. Similar to the previous post, the Luo Brothers, this artist enjoys making commentary on the introduction of western objects into his native culture of Vietnam.

Won a first prize in Vietnam for a self portrait in 2011.

Paints very large faces, many times a head and shoulder portrait might be 40 by 40 inches.

Average price range: For a larger portrait in oils 40 by 40 inches around $10,000.

Not a large body of work or much info out there on this up and coming artist. I enjoy the way she handles the female figure. The figures seem very emotional and fragile. Perhaps sculpted of porcelain. The eyes she paints are very emotional as well. He also mixes in floral elements and butterflies in his works.

Try a portrait today, but paint it larger than you normally would.  Some great artists who paint figures very much larger than life would be Lu Cong and Alex Katz.

Happy painting!

Artists working with the face and figure….Pino D’Angelico…


A short clip about a DVD produced in honor of the artist.

A short video showing works by the artist. Please notice the skin tones and the soft reflection of light bouncing off the flesh tones.

The artist was born in Italy in 1939.

Pino passed away on May 25 in 2010. He had a terminal form of cancer and died at the age of seventy years old.

He was first told that he was a great artist in the first grade, Pino’s father didn’t want his son to pursue an artistic future. He was mainly a self taught artist but did go on to take classes at the Art Institute of Bari.

He first got his start in the commercial art industry designing covers for books. Over his career he designed more than 3,000 different book covers.

In the 1970s he visited New York City for the first time and upon his return to Italy felt that he was too restricted in his art. New York had so many varieties of mediums such as performance art, abstract expressionism, pop art, as well as the traditional artists such as George Bellows and Everett Raymond Kinstler.

low price range: $8,000

high price range: $ 40,000

mediums used: oils  on linen, canvas

In 1992 he wanted to leave illustration and its never ending deadlines behind. He sent five paintings to a Scottsdale, Arizona gallery and a new painting career was born. He then made a media tour including some television shows.  As an illustrator he designed romance novel covers  for Danielle Steele as well as a the Harlequin Romance series.

I enjoy the artist’s style and the way he paints the figure. When you compare the style to Dan Beck, much of the brush strokes are similar but Pino used a much warmer toned palette. Whilst reading an interview with the artist I was struck that much of the artist did his figure work from memory. If you have never worked from memory, please do so immediately. It will teach you the simple pattern shapes to look for in dark shapes.

Another artist who gains knowledge working from memory is Jeff Legg. Legg is known for wonderful still lifes and his technique for painting the wood that the still life rests upon. These two artists set great examples for finding a subject you love to paint and staying with it over the course of years to see the many avenues you can take the genre.

Another artist who comes to mind is the still life of Robert Jackson. He loves to paint apples as people, and uses old box crates as well.

You won’t find your ideal subject matter after just reading an article like this one! Get out there and  you will find out that you love to paint a certain type of flower, for me its the lily. Just keep creating and the rest will take care of itself!

Happy painting!


Artist working with the face and figure….John DeAndrea….

Well Hall Groat Senior didn’t have any good paintings of food so I will push ahead and start a new series dealing with artists who represent the human form in their art.


low price range: $60,000

high price range: $200,000

On line and land based galleries:  featuring many sculptors.

Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City.

Below is a clip showing works by the first two artists I will be profiling in this section about the figure in art.  John DeAndrea and the late Duane Hanson will be my first two subjects.

This artist is known for his fantastic life size bronzes of women, most are nude. Many times he enhances the human feel of his sculptures by painting the skin tones with oils.

Born in 1941 in Denver, Colorado.

Earned BFA at the University Colorado at Boulder. Started work for masters program at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He made friends with a student that was casting fiberglass to make kayaks.  This forced the artist to look at sculpture differently and for it to become his medium of choice. He quit the graduate program and decided to move back to Denver, Colorado.

When the artist was first mastering his technique he cast the molds in vinyl and fiberglass and then finished them using automotive paints, this was the technique used to make the kayaks. Some of the people have a highly reflective quality to the skin, making them seem wet. Years later he switched to using latex acrylic paint and started producing the works we are familiar with today. He even uses real hair for the head to give extra detail into the artwork. He uses polyvinyl and polychromed bronzes.

First one person show was in New York City back in 1970.

Most of his works deal with the nude and very fit women. Some works show an artist who is clothed and a model who is nude. He uses such items as plastic, polyester, glass fiber, and gympsum.

Gained world wide attention for sculptures depicting people making love. These were thought provoking because it showed the difference between sex for men and women. For women that sex was highly emotional and that for men the act was more physical than emotional. He portrayed this idea very well.

Art critics compare his work to the Greeks, but I would argue DeAndrea makes subtle caricatures of the people making them more realistic than invented. If you were to see Michelangelo’s David walking down the street you would be surprised by his anatomy, its unlike a man you would see walking the streets. DeAndrea tries to capture the individual characteristics of a person sometimes exaggerating skin tone, long legs, and large breasts. Duane Hanson worked with people that were ugly or at least very far from what passes at beautiful in any modern day culture.

Has works in museums in Scotland, Australia, and Mississippi in the United States.

As far as sculpture is concerned this artist will always be one of my favorites. Dolls are nice, but these works are life size. I love the attention to detail and lengths the artist goes to capture the moment and persona of each individual.

Happy painting!