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Artist of the moment….Farah Ossouli…

The artist hails from Iran. She was born in the city of Zanjan, Iran in 1953.

She helped to start a group called DENA that was made up of twelve female artists. The group has exhibited around the globe.

The group DENA was formed in 2001. It was made to promote Iranian women artists not only in Iran, but also on a worldwide level. It helps promote their individual ideas and perspectives as the group contains three generations of artists. DENA is a wonderful mountain peak deep in the heart of Iran.

I enjoy her modern paintings that represent her niche in the art world, miniature painting. One of the most influential painters that she trained under was known as a master of miniature painting, his name was Mahmoud Farschian. Another influence in her work is a famous Persian poet named Hafiz.

The use of color and design of the artist transports the viewer to a different time and place. Paintings are flat with an emphasis on design and sharp edges. The figures are painted showing a great deal of expression with an excellent ornamental graphic design in the background.

Attended high school lever art school  at the Girls School for Fine Arts in Tehran, Iran. She went on to Tehran University. She also was a teacher in studio for fifteen years.

For the most part the artist paints with gouache on cardboard. Using color compliments the artist draws comparisons of times past and present. I enjoy the simple geometric shapes of the background in combination with the leaves and floral shapes. Her vivid use of color is outstanding. Another great aspect of her work are the trees. Many times the trees seem to be blowing and moving in the wind, surrounded by lively singing birds. Very poetic in her portrayal of the figure in harmony with their surroundings.

low price range: $10,000

high price range: $50,000

A link to the artist’s own website:

The artist loved to create as a child. Though she loved her dolls, they weren’t enough to satisfy her imagination. The dolls didn’t have enough personality of their own. So the artist started to make her own dolls using various papers and paints. So although the style looks very contemporary and fresh, the artist has been working on her style for fifty years!

The artist was featured in the book Iranian Contemporary Art. The book can be found for $150 on

The artist married Khosrow Sinai, a  famous Iranian film director and composer.

I enjoy this artist for her process of creating and the vivid color in her work. Try a miniature painting or drawing and see how much fun it is to design a flat work rather than something that is trying to be dimensional in appearance.

Happy painting!