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Artist of the moment…..Alfredo Castaneda

Alfredo Castaneda was born in Mexico City, Mexico in the year 1938. Castaneda would go onto become world renown for his Surrrealist style of painting.

For his collegiate studies the artist attended the University of Mexico where he studied architecture.

Castaneda had his first one man exhibition in 1969.

Part of collections in Mexico, Europe, Japan, and Latin America.

Pricing information:  Having just passed away in 2010, not enough pieces have been sold at market since his death to determine a pricing schedule.

Although not much information out there on the artist I found his work strikingly similar to Fang Lijun. Interesting that both artists use paintings of themselves in their art.


Artist of the moment…..Fang Lijun…

Fang Lijun is a world renown artist that works with the figure in a heavily stylized manner. Fang Lijun was born in the year 1963 in  Handan, in Hebei Province in China.    Lijun was part of the Cynical Realist movement that swept through China in the early 1990s. The artist has done a large body of work that tells the story of modern day China. From the youth who want to enjoy a more Western and urbanized lifestyle, to the youth that were involved in Tianamen Square massacre some twenty years ago. He often inserts his own portraits in his work, the bald headed man. Lijun was born into a very wealthy family.

Attended Railroad School in the Province from age nine to seventeen.

The next three years Lijun attended Hebei Light Industry School where he specialized in ceramic studies.

Also attended the Central Insitute of Fine Arts in Beijing, China.

In 1992 moved with many other artists forming a sort of art colony.

Likes to promote the bald head as he believes in the Chinese culture they are seen as slow and sometimes not so intelligent. Another theme incorporated in many works is water. Water is used to represent major social change and ideas.

First exhibition in 19095 in Paris, France.

Price range information: The artist is one of the leading painters in the world today and his work is in high demand. Woodcuts start around $3,000 to 15,000. Originals have broken the four million dollar barrier.  Originals in acrylics have broken the three million dollar mark. Lijun has also produced work in bronze and porcelain, but not enough information to form a consistent pricing schedule.

He now is based out of Beijing, China.

In this clip we see and hear some background behind one of the artist’s paintings and his thoughts on the future of mankind.

In this clip a great montage of the artist’s works.