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Artist of the moment……….Street Artist Be Free

Be Free is one of the many exciting street artist from the city of Melbourne, Australia. Be Free uses stencils and also collage materials in creating her art.

Be Free is known for pouring buckets and drips of paint.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I enjoy the artist’s use of black and white and color imagery.

Below we see some works by Be Free from the street:

Some of my favorite women street artists include my favorite Swoon. She uses art to help people, such as rebuilding Haiti. Excellent drawing and painting skills and she uses wheatpaste’s for much of her work. Another awesome artist is Faith47, both have already been profiled here and are worth checking out!


Artist of the moment…….Vexta






Vexta is a very popular street artist from Melbourne, Australia. She is one of few women working in this field. Her main subject matter is the female figure. The artist moved to Melbourne from Sydney and found inspiration from street artists like Sync and Dlux.

Has not released her government name, choosing to keep her identity secret a la Banksy.
Included in documentary RASH about graffiti art in Australia made in 2005.

Included in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia.
Other female street artists already covered here include Swoon and Faith47!

Vexta is now based out of New York.

Part of the latest documentary on graffiti titled Bomb-It!

In this clip we see world renown street art legends including Ha-Ha, Blek le rat, and Vexta.

Artist of the moment…….Faith47

Faith47 is well known graffiti and street artist that was born in Cape Town,  South Africa in 1979.

She enjoys working in public and looks for old and broken down buildings. She enjoys working in public ¬†for the people that walk by and engage the artist in conversation. It could be kids, gangsters, grandma’s she enjoys meeting new people.

Great interview with Faith47. We see her in action and she tells us why she calls the Street Art movement a universal movement that will be read about in art history books.

As far as her style I consider her to be like the street artist Swoon. Both have a very high talent level when it comes to drawing. I have written about Swoon many times because she uses art to improve the world such as working with the people who suffered the hurricane in Haiti a few years ago. A work by Swoon below. Another interesting fact I love about both artists is that anything is fair game when it comes to a painting service. Could be a door, window, or metal gate used instead of canvas.

In many works she uses mixed media from spray paint, to pencil, to collage, gold leaf, wax, crayons and my favorite old time machine, the letterpress.

A great clip here! Having been on this street by accident and I must say its the strangest street I have ever been on and I at first I thought for sure I would get mugged. Its not that bad when you get used to it, but you see all sorts of people missing arms, legs, eyes, and sometimes look like they lepers. Faith47 and few other legendary street artists participate in remaking a small part of this neighborhood. With her empowerment of the community its easy to understand how I compare her to Swoon.

Two themes explored by the artist are poverty and apartheid.

Faith47 is self taught as an artist.

The artist has painted on locations throughout South Africa and China.

Sorry, No pricing information available. Nice to see the street art movement in full bloom with explosions from artists like this who not only work in public, but also have become great printmakers such as Mr. Brainwash, Banksy, or Shephard Fairey.