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Artist of the moment….digital street artists Graffiti Research Labs

This group is a duo of very smart engineers that used to work with technology alongside NASA with a group called HoneyBee Robotics. When their work got them involved with the Iraq war, the tandem quit their jobs and would go onto start  and start  this cooperative. The group consists of Evan Roth and James Powderly as the main spokes, and many other additional contributors.

Graffiti Research Lab is best known for the  use of LED lights with what they call throwies. An LED throwie is a light attached to a coin battery and a magnet. People attach the LED’s to objects, then the objects are the canvas. The Graffiti Research Lab made these beginning in 2006. In the clip below we learn more about LED throwies.

The Graffiti Research Lab has “cells” which exist in Amsterdam, Netherlands  , Vienna, Austria, and in Mexico. The cells communicate with each other, but aren’t one single company. More like two arms of the body working in tandem.

James Powderly has even spent time in jail for his art in China. Around the time of the opening of the Olympic games in Beijing in 2008 the Graffiti Research Lab was to be part of an exhibition at the National Art Museum of China for their Laser Tag digital art or “laser graffit.” Well the Chinese officials found out about some contacts that Powderly had made and figured he would try to promote a message of Free Tibet. They feared he might project these words on the side of a building. He was arrested and detained for nearly one week!

The group is known for projecting their digital graffiti on the sides of public buildings. This work has been featured at the Tate Modern in London and the Sundance Film Festival.

In this clip by James Powderly we learn more about the group.

A link to the Graffiti Research Lab website. Very fun to see what is going on in this new medium of street art!

This cell is based out of New York. What a unique and amazing way to do street art. I had no idea. And for the Chinese government to lock him up when most foreigners are thrown out shoes how threatened they are by artists and people who think for themselves. Way to go street art!