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Artist of the moment……Esteban Vicente

Esteban Vicente was one the first American Abstract Expressionist painters. Esteban Vicente was born in the year 1903 in Turegano, Spain. His father worked in the army.

His father quit the army so that Esteban and his siblings could attend better schools. He also moved the family to Madrid, Spain. His father was a major influence and encouraged his son to draw and paint. Starting around the age of four years old Vicente would go to the Museums of Madrid every Sunday with his father.

For his artistic education Vicente attended the Royal Academy of Art located in Madrid.

First solo show was in 1928.

In this clip a great selection of works by Esteban Vicente:

Vicente took a wife and moved to the United States one year later in 1936. The couple lived in New York City.

His jobs when he first came to the United States included painting portraits, teaching Spanish, and serving as a government council from his native country, Spain.

Esteban Vicente taught in Puerto Rico and also the New York City Studio School.

Vicente enjoyed exposing art to children.

Esteban Vicente passed away in 2001 at the age of 97 years of age.

Price range information: Vicente was a printmaker and these start at $5,000 up to originals in oils which can sell for $200,000.