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Artist of the moment……Ernest Pignon Ernest

Ernest Pignon Ernest is street artist who installs his drawings in addition to performance art.  Ernest Pignon- Ernest was born in Nice, France in the year 1942. Often makes references to other painters such as Caravaggio in his artwork.

Pignon enjoys working with images of disaster such as the nuclear bomb at Hiroshimo.

Doesn’t like the world of gallery art and exhibitions.

In this clip we see many works by Ernest Pignon Ernest:

A montage of works by Ernest Pignon-Ernest:

A link to the website of Ernest Pignon- Ernest:

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Artist of the moment…….Fred Le Chevalier

Fred Le Chevalier is a wonderful street artist from France.  The artist used to draw and make art as a child and then quit as a teenager.  He started drawing again and posting pictures on the website  Yes, in internet terms it was  a very long time ago! Before FACEBOOK many people used MYSPACE.

Le Chevalier would post images and loved the feedback he received.

A brief clip showing a work of the artist:

In 2009 he began to take his drawings out and paste them up on the street.

The first gallery show for Fred Le Chevalier was a tremendous success selling out in less than one hours time.

Although this piece is in French its we see Le Chevalier pasting up some of his art:

He was inspired by a fellow French artist born in Nice, France named Ernest Pignon- Ernest. Pignon Ernest enjoys working with paste ups. Below an example of Pignon- Ernest’s street art:


For Le Chevalier who enjoys walking it is natural for him to post art in the street as he walks about.

The artist estimates he has posted between 2,000 and 3,000 images around Paris. He once posted more than 100 images in one day.

A link to the website of Fred Le Chevalier. don’t worry the page can be translated if you don’t speak French!

price range information:  Sorry none available.