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Artist of the moment……Kim Abeles

As we approach Earth Day lets take a look at an artist who uses smog as part of her medium of choice, artist Kim Abeles. Kim Abeles was born in Richmond Heights, Missouri in the year 1952.Abeles uses multiple mediums in developing her work.

Her work concerns the social aspects of our daily lives including feminism and HIV/ AIDS.

Abeles grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Abeles made the move to Los Angeles, California in 1978. After seeing the amount of smog and dirty air in her new environment the artist was sparked to create art and show the world how poor the air quality is. I wonder what kind of masterpiece Abeles might produce in Beijing, China.

Abeles is in many ways similar to the many street artists covered here who work with stencils. After the stencil is developed the artist just leaves the canvas outside long enough to collect enough dirty atmosphere to create her work of art.

I love the idea of her work because its an exact time capsule of her environment. I am sure people think twice about the air they breathe after seeing the work of Kim Abeles.

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In this clip a great selection of works by Kim Abeles herself:

In this clip a variety of mediums are used to expose the thoughts of people towards the Native American Indian: