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Artist of the moment………John Cecil Stephenson





John Cecil Stephenson was a British painter who was among the first to work in a Modernist style. John Cecil Stephenson was born in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England in the year 1899. The city is in the north east part of the country.

Stephenson attended the Leeds School of Art and the Royal College of Art located in London, England.

The artist was a friend of many of the most renown modernist painters including Piet Mondrian and Henry Moore.

John Cecil Stephenson passed away in 1965.

Price range information: Sorry none available. The artist worked in oils, gouache, inks, and watercolors.

Stephenson reminds me of the American painter now living in France, Shirley Jaffe.

The artist is part of the Tate Museum Collection.


Artist of the moment………Mr. Cenz



Mr. Cenz is a fantastic street artist based out of London, England renown for his futuristic looking images of the female face. His work crosses many genres including realism, surrealism, and abstraction.

The artist also explores letterform art.

In this clip Mr. Cenz talks about a piece he created for an event sponsored by Liquitex Art Supplies:

The artist began to experiment with graffiti in 1988.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a longer interview with Mr. Cenz speaking about his work:

Below a link to the website of Mr. Cenz:

What I enjoy most about Mr. Cenz is how many elements from different styles of art are explored. Using letterform he taps into the great graffiti taggers of the past.

He often uses photos from fashion magazines for reference, but the end product is very modern looking female face. The abstract lines and his use of color gives his work a unique and futuristic feel.



Artist of the moment……..Stephen Bone




Stephen Bone was an English artist renown for his landscape paintings and woodcut prints. Stephen Bone was born in  Chiswick, London in the 1904.

Bone attended the Slade School of Fine Art located in London, England. His father was an Scottish artist who worked as an etcher and watercolor painter. His father was Sir Muirhead Bone. His father liked to paint works dealing with architecture.

Bone worked in a position that his father held previously, working as a full time salaried war time painter whose specialty was admiral and naval scenes.

In this clip we view a montage of works over Stephen Bone’s career:

Bone married another artist named Mary Adshead. The couple illustrated two children’s books. His wife also designed stamps. The couple had three children.

Stephen Bone passed away from cancer complications in 1958 at the age of 53 years of age.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist is part of the Tate Museum collection.

Bone comes from a wonderful family of artists. Next up will be his father, Sir Muirhead Bone. What is so interesting is that you have Muirhead Bone, Stephen Bone, and Mary Adshead (Stephen’s wife) who all paint the same subject matter, war and naval scenes.

What a great use of perspective in his paintings of submarines.




Artist of the moment……..Kieron Williamson



Kieron Williamson is a wonderful painter who isn’t even a teenager! Kieron Williamson was born in England on August 4th of 2002.

So far the artist has worked mainly in watercolour.

Over his brief career the artist has sold his works for more than $1.5 million pounds! Quite amazing for such a young painter. He is living his dream at a very young age.

The artist will begin private tutoring so he can focus more on his painting skills.

The family was able to purchase a home in Ludham, England with the proceeds of a show featuring the Williamson.

Below a link to the website of Kieron Williamson:


In this clip a brief bio about Kieron Williamson:

price range information: Works range from 5,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds.

What an amazing artist! If you enjoy child prodigies make sure and check out my post on the artist named Akiane. Even if you don’t like Impressionism you must appreciate the great talents of this young artist!





Artist of the moment……The Martin Brothers

The Martin Brothers were four gentleman who ran a pottery manufacturing company that made the break from Victorian Ceramic to a more modernist, artistic, and studio  approach to ceramics and stoneware. The brothers were renowned for their works dealing with birds.

Robert Martin was the founder of the company. Robert had attended art school and was trained as a sculptor. The artist attended the Lambeth School of Art.

Walter Martin was the main thrower working on the wheel.

Edward Martin worked on the wheel and specialized in working with creatures of the sea and ocean. This artist also studied at the Lambeth School of Art.

Works can be found in various museum collections located in England.

Price range information: Most works range from $2,000 to $10,000.

Occasionally works by the Martin show up at auction at major houses including Christies.

Another great family of artists! Similar to the Duchamps in that regard.

In this clip we view a classic work by the Martin family dealing with birds. A young fan talks about the work:


Artist of the moment…..Lynn Chadwick

Lynn Chadwick was an internationally renowned sculptor born in London, England in the year 1914.  After looking at the wonderful style of this artist I have given the term ” midevil modernism” to his style. Many works are actually installed in the grounds of castles! Chadwick’s style  is a wonderful mix of the figure brought into a very abstract shape that gives these works of bronze and/ or steel an incredible sense of movement. The artist began his figurative works made with metals in the 1940s.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $750,000.

For his collegiate education Chadwick attended Merchant Taylors’ School where he studied architecture. The artist was trained in both watercolour and oils.

In this clip you might recognize a work from the gallery titled ” Ace of Diamonds.” The piece actually moves when the wind is strong enough to propel it. Below a time lapse photography video always us to see what happens when the wind blows!

In this clip from his grandson we take a short visit to the study of Lynn Chadwick. Many works are shown:

In this clip from we view a work titled “Winged Figure ” from 2012:

The artist was a participant in the Venice Biennale in the year 1952.

Lynn Chadwick also served time in the Royal Navy.

Has had his work shown at the Tate Britain of London.

Chadwick was married three times during his life.

Lynn Chadwick passed away in 2003.


Artist of the moment ……Sculptor Henry Moore

Henry Moore was a British artist born in  Castleford, Yorkshire, England in the year 1896.  Moore was renown for working with the figure and in particular the mother and child genre. His father was an engineer in a mine but loved literature and the arts and exposed the artist and his seven other siblings to explore the arts. Moore was responsible for bringing modern sculpture to England much the same way Rodin brought modern sculpture to France.

Moore is best known for his work with the female figure. Rather than depict the entire form, Moore always leaves some space void or empty.

In this clip we see many of Henry Moore very large public sized outdoor works. Things to notice are the mother and child theme and the remarkable skill of the artist to depict drapery.  When Moore was offered these very large sized commissions, Moore was able to make a substantial amount of money but lived frugally and saved most of his money to start an art foundation called the Henry Moore Foundation.

His favorite medium used were bronze and marble.

Moore joined the Army, but was injured in a gas attack. As he later told people the war passed in a romantic haze of him wanting to be the hero. After leaving the army Moore went to Leeds College of Art. Moore also studied at the Royal College of Art.

price range information: The artist has prints starting around $1,000. In June a bronze sold at auction for $5.8 million dollars.

Moore was also part of the teaching faculty at the Royal College of Art and later the Chelsea School of Art.

In this clip we view a show in Ontario with an interview with a curator.

Winner of International Sculpture Prize at the 1948 Venice Biennale.

Henry Moore passed away in 1986 at the age of 88 years of age.


Artist of the moment……..Isaac Snowman….

The artist hails from the London, England and was born in 1874.

For his education he attended the City of London School.  Snowman went on the Royal Academy of Art. For his subject matter, he painted the figure and portraits and loved to paint themes having to do with Judaism. The artist was able to paint awesome flesh tones. Especiallly intriguing are the scenes of women under trees. The artist was great at dappling the sun over the women.

In 1897 the artist formed a group with English jews called Maccabean.  The group travelled to Palestine.

In 1898, the artist got married at the North London Synagogue. The marriage lasted only a few years. Snowman thought his wife should do whatever he asked with no questions asked. The couple had a son that died as an infant and they adopted a girl. In 1907, when the artist headed to Africa to paint a portrait of the King of Dahomey, his wife filed for divorce claiming adultery.

Snowman eventually moved to Jerusalem and had a studio over the Damascus gate.

In 1921, Jerusalem had some riots. The artist tried to get through the mob with some friends and ended up getting stabbed.

With World War II starting up the artist ended up staying in England whilst on a visit. He was also in poor health.

Isaac Snowman died in 1947.

Has some paintings of royalty in the National Portrait Gallery of the United Kingdom.

High price range:  Oil painting titled “A Summer Afternoon in the Garden,” sold for $72,000.

Low price range:   Two oils sold in 2011 for less than one thousand U.S. dollars.

I enjoy this artist and believe he was a true master of art because he was excellent at using color, making compositions, and making the subjects highly engaged with each other on the canvas. When I see his mother and child paintings it reminds me of Mary Cassatt. Somtimes the playfullness and happiness of the characters is similar to Frans Hals. Hals was the best painter of smiles in the art world. His smiles were even more incredible when you consider he wasn’t working from a photograph, he was painting a smiles WITH TEETH totally from life.  I find the same liveliness in Hals work that I find in Snowmans.

My favorite painting of his is the woman sitting under a tree. The lighting and edge quality of this painting is fantastic.

This artist is certainly one of the best painters to have other come from United Kingdom and other than J.M.W. Turner the artist I would most like to see.