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Artist of the moment…….Matteo Negri

Matteo Negri was born in Italy in the year 1980. Since Lego’s are all the fad in the box office, I wanted to check out some artists working with lego’s as part of their artwork. I loved Legos as a child!

Matteo Negri creates various works of art both sculptures using iron and also works on paper.

Price range information: Paper works start at 700 euros for a limited edition print. Sculpture works range from 10,000 to 20,000 euros.

A personal favorite here are the works which reference other modernist painters such as Piet Mondrian. I love the addition of the textured circles to Mondrian’s idea. It was if Modernism became more modern!

Here we visit a show featuring the works of Matteo Negri. The wonderful lighting again adds to the Modernist feeling of his artwork!

A link to a website selling works of the artist:

I know loves Legos even more!