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Artist of the moment……Eliot Hodgkin

Eliot Hodgkin was a cousin to British abstract painter Howard Hodgkin. Eliot Hodgkin was born in the year 1905 in Purley on Thames in the United Kingdom. Hodgkin was renown for his paintings of still lifes. His family were strict Quakers.

Hodgkin began to work with tempera and enjoyed working with the medium as it dried much quicker than oils. It allowed him to express how he felt about the objects he portrayed.

For his artistic education Eliot Hodgkin attended the Byam Shaw School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools.

He first worked in oils and then became intrigued by the detail he could add by using egg tempera.

Eliot Hodgkin passed away in 1987 at the age of 81 years old.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $50,000.


Artist of the moment……David Tindle…

I enjoy this artist work for his quiet and dreamlike paintings. He was born in the United Kingdom in 1932.

Another great subject for the artist is windows. Over his career the viewer is given an inside look at someone’s home. The viewer is left to imagine who lives there, what time of day it is, or what time of season.

The artist works with egg tempera and also a variety of print media.

Attended the Coventry School of Art.  He then jumped into the field of commercial art and advertising. Made a big push in the fine art world in the 1950s by exhibiting his paintings at the Royal Gallery in London. He also had several one man shows. He was elected a member of the Royal Academy in 1979.

The artist taught at Hornsey College of Art from 1959 to 1974 and the Royal College of Art.

He is collected worldwide and is including in the Tate Museum’s Collection.

When I look at the still life paintings of the artist I am reminded of the Wyeth and Peale families of art. Where Andy Wyeth would detail every different texture, this artist tends to paint from memory and doesn’t paint it exactly as he sees, rather he paints as he “feels” the subject. Of course I am a huge fan of the window series, I prefer the paintings where a drape or curtain is obscuring the window. It leads the viewer to question what time of day it is and what the weather is. For me his paintings are great to think about over a morning cup of coffee.  The time of day is early in the morning as the sun rises and the early birds are up searching for their proverbial “worms.”

Also similar in style to Wyeth are his paintings of chairs.  Again I was brought back to my childhood days and “grandpa’s chair.”  The added touch of a coat or a tshirt makes the picture seem more like a portrait of person, their favorite shirt and chair, rather than a boring still life of a chair. His paintings of simple food subjects such as eggs remind me of some of the more colorful works of Wayne Thiebaud.

David Tindle now lives and works out of Italy.

low price range: $1,500

high price range: $15,000

The artist was skilled in a variety of mediums. He is proficient in oils, watercolor, pen and ink, acrylic, egg tempera, and gouache. Also a printmaker making lithographs and etchings. Has done commissioned works for the National Portrait Gallery.

on line and land based gallery: Brandler Gallery in Essex in the United States.

Artists working with the face and figure….Michael Bergt….

One of my favorite artists just for his accomplishments and the road he took to get there. He is a mid-career level artist and he works with many mediums such as colored pencil, graphite, watercolor, egg tempera, gold leaf, silver leaf, gouache, acrylics, oils  and even sculpture.  He seems to work on paper 50% of his work time and panel 50% of his work time.

I first became aware of the artist around 5 years ago as he spoke during an Art Salon Show held in Denver. I enjoyed his resume where listed under education is said “life” A truly self taught artist who is not only a great draughtsman but a great business person as well.

The artist was born in Deshler, Nebraska in 1956.

I enjoy his use of tempera and use of line in his work. Its fun to imagine even the oil paintings as etchings, large figures from a distance but up close even a leg can have 100 of different strokes showing the curve and feel of the limbs.

The artist was elected Professional Sculptor Member of the National Sculpture Society in 2005.

Has been featured in many national art publications such as American Art Collector and American Artist magazines.

The artist paints fantastic hands as well. The fingers have a highly tapered quality to them, both the male and female hands. On some works he paints imaginary creatures with 6 or 8 arms, all are painted as if they are real, using a small brush and making many strokes.

on line and land based gallery: Jane Sauer Gallery in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

John Pence Gallery in San Francisco, California. .

A piece done by the artist was featured in a television show on the Travel Channel. Samantha Brown, my favorite Travel Channel personality, went to Sante Fe and visited an art gallery showing his work had a piece listed for $25,ooo.

Here is a great link showing some of Bergt’s sculpture work. The figures are very animated and full of life. My favorite figure is an overweight man doing yoga, he is balancing himself despite being heavy and not looking athletic, indeed the yogi was very flexible. This gallery has not only sculpture work, but works featuring gold and silver leaf used to make exciting backgrounds.  The gold leaf works have an “Egyptian” feel to them.

low price range: Catalog of works around $30. Prints less than $200.

high price range: $25,000 for an egg tempera painting. Colored pencil originals $5,000

I hope you too can get inspired by an artist who accomplishes a career from some level of talent, but more importantly a great work ethic. The artist might be the most diverse out there for working with so many different mediums. I have seen some gold leaf works and colored pencil works in person. I haven’t seen many professional level colored pencil works, but I put his figure works in colored pencil as the best in the business.

Another artist I have profiled that is adept at colored pencil is the photo realist Don Eddy.

This gallery of his includes many colored pencil drawings.

I hope you are inspired by this artist to always keep growing and learning more about your chosen mediums!