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Artist of the moment…..Shibata Zeshin


Shibata Zeshin was born in Edo, Japan in the year 1807. Edo is now called Tokyo, Japan. Zeshin was a world renown painter and printmaker. Zeshin produced a great deal of prints with birds and plants as his main subject. The artist also completed many screens using lacquer.

The father of the artist was a sculptor.

Zeshin Shibata was able to study under some master artists where learned the skills of painting and also working with lacquer.

The artist was given an appointment to work on the Imperial families Are Committee. This is a huge honor for someone in the Japanese culture.

Zeshin Shibata passed away in 1891.

The artist was very diverse in his output. Shibata’s work can be found on screens, silverware, panels, boxes, and cups.

Price range: Works range from $500 for a woodcut t0 $80,000 for an original in ink.

I enjoy the Eastern way of painting for the empty space on the surface. The artist isn’t trying to capture a specific location, but rather a feeling or an emotion.