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Artist of the moment………George Ault



George Ault was an American painter associated with the precisionist movement. George Ault was born in Cleveland, Ohio in the year 1950. His family was of the upper class.

The artist spent some of his upbringing abroad living in London, England and attending the famed Slade School of Art and also the St. John’s Wood School of Art.

The artist lived a life full of emotional ups and downs. Three brothers each took their own lives.

The family of George Ault had much of their fortune invested in the United States Stock Market.

Ault worked in a variety of mediums including watercolor, oils, and gouache.

The Precisionist movement included painters that used basic geometric shapes in their compositions. Many times these works have a common theme of architecture.

George Ault passed away in 1948. He went for a walk and a bridge that was normally there was gone and Ault drowned. His death was ruled a suicide.

Below a retrospective of George Ault with many works shown:

price range information: Sorry none available.

Other artists working with similar subject matter include Charles Ralston and Ed Mell.



Artist of the moment….Lawren Stewart Harris

Lawren Stewart Harris was a wonderful Impressionist painter born in the year 1885 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Harris painted portraits but is renown for his wonderful abstract landscape works which bring to mind the wonderful American artist Ed Mell. Below an example of Ed Mell’s work. I love the way both artist paint the sky, very abstract and fun cloud shapes!


For his collegiate studies Harris attended school in Berlin, Germany.

And in this clip an entire room dedicated to Lawren Harris paintings!

In 1913 Harris put up money to purchase the Student Building of Canadian Art located in Toronto, Ontario. This building would be the foundation of the representational group of Canada titled the Group of Seven. Unfortunately their efforts were disrupted by the first world war. Harris went into the army.

After service his ideas about painting changed and the artist looked toward a vision more concerned with spirituality. Harris joined a group that included other artists Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandisky, the group was called the Theosophical Society.

After the war his work changed in that his palette had less color and vibrancy. Harris put his focus on creating an eye pleasing combination of shapes that he chose to include in his paintings. In his search for a spiritual solution to painting the landscape the artist enjoyed the painting the rough mountainous landscapes of the Northern Areas of Canada.

Harris moved to New Mexico and became part of the Transcendental Group. A group that tried to portray emotion of a scene rather than a photographically correct landscape.

For his artistic career he spent time in New Mexico and Ontario.  The couple only lived in New Mexico and went back to live in Vancouver,  British Columbia, Canada after the outbreak of World War 2.

Lawren Harris passed away in 1970 at the age of 85 years old.

Price range information: Works in granite can be had for a few thousand dollars up to $8,000. Original works in oils usually range in the high five figures to low six figures. The artist has broken the 3 million dollar mark at auction. Below we revisit this auction and the name of the work is ” The Old Stump.”

And to close another artwork at auction breaks the one million dollar barrier.


Artist of the moment…..Mahmoud Said….

Mahmoud Said was a fantastic painter of the Egyptian culture and people. Mahmoud Said was born in Alexandria, Egypt in the year 1897. His father was twice the Prime Minister of Egypt. His father went by Mahmoud Said Pasha.

Said was a long time judge in legal system of Egypt. He didn’t dedicate himself fully to painting until fifty years of age.

Mahmoud Said used oils as his main choice of medium.

Works in museums in Egypt, France, and Qatar.

For his collegiate studies Said attended the Cairo School of the Fine Arts. His work emphasized three dimensional shapes and the artist knew light well. In comparing his work to another modern painter Ed Mell immediately comes to mind. Both use basic geometric shapes that repeat many times in the image. Also both had a great use of complimentary colors in their work.  Two paintings from Ed Mell below. Mell is an American painter born in 1942.



A great montage of paintings by Mahmoud Said here:

Price range information: Said record at auction is $2.4 million dollars. Many works range from $100,000 to $500,000.

Said is one of first painters to capture daily life in Egypt, Lebanon, and Europe.

Said passed away in 1964. Less than one decade his house was made into a museum which is great because visual artists are indeed NATIONAL  TREASURES!

One artist that had a heavy influence on Mahmoud Said was the painter Arturo Zanieri (born in 1870 died in 1955.) Said was a renown painter of the figure, and in particular the female form. Below two wonderful nudes by Zanieri.





Said was a great painter who was among the first artist of his region to capture life in Egypt in oils. I enjoy his work because its a great blend of Eastern and Western painting ideas. His use of color and color compliments was a great combination to his already keen design skills.


Artist of the moment….Ed Mell…


This artist is also best known for his panoramic landscapes. Unlike the previous artists that work in this manner this artist chooses to abstract his landscapes, especially the skies, which gives his paintings a very contemporary and modern feel.

A short interview with Ed Mell talking about his paintings and positive aspect an art show has on all those involved.

The artist loves to take something and magnify it for his paintings. A small flower when left in his hands can be transformed into what looks like a decorative stained glass window. Perhaps that is why this artist for some reason reminds me of John LaFarge. LaFarge was an excellent painter of anything, and even worked in stained glass for some of his career. If I could transform an artist’s work to appear on stained glass, no ones work could be more exciting to look at than Ed Mell.

The artist is highly diversified in his output working in oils, watercolors, and even sculpture.

The artist was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1942.

In the 1980s he was one of the most successful illustrators in the nation.  Ed Mell was based out of New York City. He accepted an offer to teach a summer art class on the Hopi Indian Reservation. It was very relaxing for him to be around 200 people rather than 10 million. He was enchanted by the landscape and after one year and half back in New York City the artist decided to head west and moved to Arizona.

The job market for illustrators was very slow however in Arizona. He became friends with a pilot who took him across the Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon, the artist was able to see parts of the land and sky that no other artists or photographers and seen! It awakened his senses as an artist.

What to learn from this artist? The most important idea in his way of thinking is that THE MORE YOU PAINT, THE BETTER YOU WILL BECOME AT PAINTING.  I like to say practice might not make you perfect, but it will make you better.

Another montage of the artist’s works starting around 17 seconds in. The beginning credits are in Russian, stay tuned for the art a few moments into the video.

high price range:  Oils is $64,000 and for a bronze $20,000.

low price range: original select oils $3,000 to $4,000.

If you are a painter take a moment and think about what your flat paintings might look like in three dimensions. Some of our greatest artists were amazing sculptors. Not only Walter Winans, the shooter and Olympic medalist, but also artists like Frederic Remington and Charlie Russell did some sculptures. I attended a seminar with the famed watercolorist Mary Whyte and she stated she took up sculpting after an injury curtailed her drawing and painting. She said it was far more difficult than drawing or painting because you had to finish all the edges.

Think how your work might look in a bronze or crafted out of some recycled materials.