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Artist of the moment……….Charles Blackman


Charles Blackman is one of the most famous painters in Australia’s history. Charles Blackman was born in Sydney, Australia in the year 1928. Blackman is best known for his works of children and also the characters of the famous novel Alice in Wonderland.

Blackman left school at the age of 13 and began work as an illustrator with a leading newspaper called the Sydney Sun. The artist would go on to attend college at the East Sydney Technical College.

In this clip a brief documentary on the artist. Works are shown beginning at the one minute mark:



Price range information: Prints start at $5,000. Originals can reach as much as $400,000. The artist has worked in tempera, oils, watercolor, and ink.

In this clip a short interview with Charles Blackman:

I enjoy the childlike quality of Blackman’s art. His style of drawing and painting is just perfect for his chosen genre of children’s stories including Alice and Wonderland.



Artist of the moment…….Ralph Balson




Ralph Balson was an Australian artist renown for his abstract art. Ralph Balson was born in Bothenhampton, Dorset, England in the year 1890. His father was a baker.

Balson began his painting career as a painter of houses. The artist took up art as a hobby and then began taking night courses where he studied under the previous post, Grace Crowley. Later Balson and Crowley would even share a studio.

The artist was among the first to pour paint onto the canvas.

Balson was a teacher at the East Sydney Technical College. The artist was based out of Sydney, Australia for most of his career.

Ralph Balson passed away in 1964.

Price range information: Balson worked in oils, pastels, and enamel. Works range from $10,000 to $150,000.

The artist explained that he began to paint in an abstract style as he thought man’s interest in humanity had waned. Balson compared his thoughts to the great Albert Einstein. Both scientist and artist thought we had entered a time of change.

Below a fine example of the Constructivist art produced by Ralph Balson from the 1940s to the mid 1950s:

My favorite works of Balson are his matter series. Great examples of these works are the first two pieces in the picture gallery. The fluidity of the work is amazing.