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Artist of the moment……Glen Rabena

Glen Rabena is an adopted member of the Haida Nation. He surely is one of my favorite artists because his work is a blend of great drawing and the traditional Haida style. Many times the birds and animals are depicted as flat shapes. Rabena’s use of line is great and creates a liveliness in his work that one could easily compare to the Nine Old Men of Disney. Rabena is a printmaker, sculpor, and illustrator.

Glen Rabena was born in Wapato, Washington.

The artist began working in a Northwest Coast style in 1970.

For his artistic education Rabena attended the Kitanmax School of Northwest Coast Art at K’san.

He was adopted into the Eagle Clan during a ceremony that took place in 1987.

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Its great to see someone from a different culture become so interested in another culture!


Artist of the moment…….Northwest Coast artist Carol Young

Carol Young is a Northwest Coast artist from the Haida (Eagle Clan) born in the year 1953. A member of the Haida nations living out of British Columbia, Canada. The artist is renown for her portraiture work and she not has made more than 200 works out of clay, she also has done celebrity works such as Elvis and Willie Nelson.

In 2000 she began sculpting. She never had any formal training, she just did it! She enjoys using her characters as means of expressing the Haida culture and tradition.

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For her artistic education attended the Freda Diesing School of Art. Whilst at the school she has been able to learn from masters of the her craft including the great carver Bob Dempsey.

Favorite item to carve are portrait masks.

A link to the website of Carol Young. Very cool and relaxing music here! Awesome site: