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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY……Enjoy some candy from artist PETER ANTON….

Happy Mothers Day mom and every mother in the world. Thanks for being you and helping out!

Lets have some fun as Bob Ross would say and enjoy looking at food as art. Peter Anton is world renown born in New Haven, Connecticut in the year 1963, for his mixed media works that deal with the fattening sugary foods most everyone eats! Anton works larger than life giving him unique results.

First solo show in 1993 at thirty years of age.

Anton had a very unique entry for the 2012 Art Basel Miami. His work was installation where the viewer went through the exhibit in an actual roller coaster. Anton had filled the sides of backdrop with images of disaster that might exist in a world with live sized candies and sweets. People stood in line for many hours for this unique experience.

A link to the artist’s own website:

In this clip we view many sculptures by the artist.

In this clip we view an art collector’s house with President Bill Clinton in the foreground and a work of art by Peter Anton in the background.

Price range information: The artist works with mixed media and prices range $500 to $35,000.

Artists that portray food…..Terry Romero Paul….

mediums used: oils

surfaces used: canvas

This artist paints landscapes as well as food still lifes.  I enjoy her paintings of donuts and ice cream. She has a unique approach many times painting donuts just after someone has taken the first bite.  Although the artist paints fresh ice cream cones she also paints melted ice cream cones, giving the viewer a  new take on an old subject. Most times she paints the doughnut as if the viewer is looking down upon it, another innovative design technique.

Here is a link to the artist’s website:

On the website she talks about the doughnut series. The circle of the doughnut represents eternity to the artist. A few years ago she had a life threatening illness and now she appreciates life even more. I myself had tremendous problems with diabetes, it took a long while but finally I was back to normal and with a work ethic better than ever. As for the doughnuts she painted them with a bite missing to symbolize the hands on a clock and how each minute of life should not be taken for granted.

When thinking of herself and her place in the art world she quotes Vincent Van Gogh and his saying ” The only time I feel alive is when I am painting!”  She thinks of painting as being as essential to life as food or water. I agree!  You can never see enough art!

The artist also takes commissions.

Paul attended college at California State in Northridge. She also studied at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts. She also attended the  Chouinard School of Fine Arts. She worked in the animation industry painting backgrounds, Thomas Kinkade also made the leap from background animation artist to fine art. In the past she also has painted murals.

Paul also has been in national art magazines such as American  Art Collector.

She will be in an upcoming show for the National Orange Show in San Bernardino, California. In the past year she was also included the Women’s City Club of Pasadena for some floral paintings.

This artist has a great technical background as well as great use of color. A great painter of many subjects with a very keen eye for design. She has had so many top level professors as well as working in the illustration industry to help her sense of design.

For today’s art homework think ahead to your next breakfast. How about some toast or a bagel?  After you have toasted the bread, take a bite and then draw or paint it.

Happy painting!