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Artist of the moment…..Light artist Doug Wheeler






In this clip see an actual installation. Keep in mind in person the walls are white, and one is framed with neon lighting. In the clip everything appears a shade of blue, but you can grab the idea of his work.

Price range information: Most works are priced from $100,00 to $400,000
Doug Wheeler is another light artist known mainly for his large scale installations. Wheeler was born in Globe, Arizona in the year 1939.Similar to other artists like John McLaughlin Wheeler is thought of as a hard edge abstract artist. He deals with basic geometric shapes and infuses light as he sees fit. The light and space movement is seen as a movement inspired by John McLaughlin. In addition the artists used brand new at the time materials such as resin, neon, and flourescent lighting.
For his artistic education Wheeler attended the Chouinard Institute in Los Angeles, California. His first solo exhibition was in 1968 at the Pasadena Art Museum. With two other artists recently featured here Larry Bell and Robert Irwin took place in the first show outside the United States featuring the Southern California light and space artists.
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