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Artist of the moment…..Peter Phillips…

Peter Phillips is one of the most famous Pop Artists that was based outside of the United States. Peter Phillips was born in 1939 in Birmingham, England. Phillips works in many different subjects and enjoys working with mixed media compositions with unusual shapes for the outside shape of the art. He also has done many works celebrating women and also architecture.

For his collegiate education Phillips studied at the Birmingham School of Art and the Royal College of Art where his peers trained such as Frank Bowling and David Hockney.

Phillips won a fellowship to study in the States and moved to New York  where he lived from 1964 to 1966.  Phillips moved back to Europe where he is now based.

Married in 1970 and immediately set about traveling the globe. The young couple would live in Zurich, Switzerland for most of the 1970s.

The 1980s  brought his work to Australia followed by the North America in the 1990s.

Wife died from cancer in 2003 and the artist dedicated an exhibition to her in 2004.

Phillips still is an active artist and loves to visit New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sydney, Australia.

Below a wonderful montage of the artist’s work set to music.

Price range information: Phillips is a prolific artist and many prints are available for less than $1,000 dollars. Originals can reach as high as $60,000.


An art discussion about Andy Warhol and David Hockney……

Lets have some fun and compare some artwork done using the computer. Andy Warhol is my favorite artist because he tried so many mediums and was open to trying anything. He was very successful as a commercial artist and gallery artist. The first art superstar and nothing  has come close to the Factory. I mean Ed Ruscha talks about having famous musicians drop by as does caricaturist Sebatien Kruger about the Rolling Stones. But the Factory was the place to be seen if you were famous in any way. A true happening of town.

Here is Andy using a computer to paint a portrait of actress Debbie Harry. This is probably my favorite clip of seeing Andy paint! Remember this isn’t a guy using photoshop in the 2000s. Andy is doing this in the eighties and he is using an Amiga computer.


Next lets check out some very contemporary artwork by legendary U.K. artist David Hockney. Hockney is right up there with Damien Hirst for trying new mediums and modes of expression. Hirst has a diamond encased skull he made that has a multi million dollar price tag on it. Real diamonds were used.

In this clip watch an exhibition for David Hockneys paintings that were executed on an Ipad using a special brush app. He paints using his thumb and pointer finger. This exhibition is taking place in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

Hockney is was able to put in a fair amount of detail if he wished.


I have never tried digital painting but feel you should try it if you get the chance!