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Artist of the moment…………Eske Kath


Eske Kath is a wonderful painter born in Haderslev, Denmark in the year 1975. Kath attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kath enjoys using the house as a symbol of conflict between man and nature. In many works the houses are shown in flight compliments of Mother Nature and her winds. His work is very modernist in that most items are reduced to basic geometric shapes, trees become simple triangles.

The artist is now based out of Brooklyn, New York.

In this clip we view a sculpture of falling houses made by Eske Kath:

The artist was commissioned to paint a ceiling at the Palace of the Crown Prince of Denmark.

Price range information: Prices range from $1,000 for a lithograph to $10,000 for an original.

What a great sense of color and style by Kath. Similar to Jeremy Browne the previous post, Kath often works with very old and worn down houses that show that Mother Nature is always the long term winner in battles between land and man.







Artist of the moment………Hans Christensen



Hans Christensen was a Danish metalsmith known for his innovative and modern design and shapes. Hans Christensen was born in Denmark in 1924.

The artist attended the School of Arts and Crafts located in Copenhagen, Denmark earning a master’s degree after twelve years of studies.

The artist taught at his alma mater and enjoyed it. Christensen also worked at a world renown silversmith for a decade mastering his sense of design. He took all of his experience and decided to move to the United State in the mid 1950s.

Whilst in the United States Christensen taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In this clip we view a memoriam for the artist featuring some former students and pictures of his work:

His work was highly collectible and is in many collections of Presidents, Royal Families of Europe, and churches including the Vatican. Christensen completed many commissions over his career.

Hans Christensen was killed in an automobile accident in 1983.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Christensen had a wonderful sense of shapes. My favorite designs of the artist were his teapots.




Artist of the moment………Asger Jorn





Asger Jorn was a Danish painter renown for his political views and Abstract Expressionist painting style. Asger Jorn was born in Vejrum, Denmark in the year 1914. Both of his parents were teachers. The artist father was killed in an automobile accident when Jorn was only twelve years old. Jorn was not only a painter, he also enjoyed working with ceramics and was an avid printmaker.


Asger Jorn first attended the Teacher’s Training College. The artist also attended the Royal Danish College of Art. In addition Jorn also studied in Paris, France with artists including Fernand Leger.

Jorn helped to found the COBRA movement that was based out of the Netherlands.

The artist was also a staunch advocate for the Communist Part of Denmark.

Asger Jorn passed away in 1973 at the age of 59 years of age.

Here we view a great montage of works by Asger Jorn:

Price range information: Works range from posters and lithographs at $2,000 to large oil paintings which can reach $400,000.



Artist of the moment………Per Kirkeby


Per Kirkeby was born Copenhagen, Denmark in the year 1938. Kirkeby attended the University of Copenhagen where he studied geology, he earned a masters degree. He then also attended what at the time was an experimental art school.

Kirkeby is a painter, sculptor, printmaker, and author. His sculpture work often includes bricks and shapes that repeat throughout the work. The artist has completed public commissions in Germany and Denmark. Below an example of his sculpture work.


The artist is included in many prominent collections and museums including the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City and the Tate Museum of London, England.

The artist has been a participant of the famed Venice Biennial.



In this clip we view a clip from a show that took place for Per Kirkey in 2008:

Here we view a show from 2013:

Price range information: Prints can be starting at $1,000. Original works in oils can reach $300,000. The artist is a prolific printmaker but also works in gouache.


Artist of the moment…….Per Arnoldi

Per Arnoldi was born in Denmark in the year 1941. Arnoldi is known for his paintings using vivid color and geometric shapes. Per Arnoldi is also an architect and has done public commissioned works including the London’s National Police Memorial. Arnoldi also designed the logo for the Copenhagen Opera House.

The artist also worked Japan Railways.

Per Arnoldi is part of many prestigious collections including the Museum of Modern Art of New York City and the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, England. Arnoldi is also part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art located in Tokyo, Japan.

Price range information: Arnoldi works as a painter and printmaker working with oils and acrylics. Prints can be found for $500. Originals can reach $5,000.


Artist of the moment…..Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is a multimedia artist born in Denmark, Copenhagen in the year 1967. Though he has done sculpture work , photography, and prints Eliasson is best known for his installation works involving with light and sometimes involving water and air. For his artistic education attended the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

price range information: The artist is very prolific as far as output, his mediums include photography, glass, steel, ink, oils, and metals. Photographs start at $5,000. Other mediums start at $10,000 and go to the low six figures. Eliasson has broken the $1.0 million dollar mark at auction with a work titled the fivefold eye selling for $1.23 million. Below some images of this work.

Part of the 2003 Venice Biennale.

As an artist my favorite works are those that include multiple shadows of one figure. They are reminiscent to me of the multi image works of Elvis Presley made by Andy Warhol.

A wonderful interview with the artist. This captures what I can’t through the gallery. You must actually see the light reflecting from the various mirrors or aluminum sheets used by the artist to get a true feeling for his work.

Has a studio in Berlin, Germany.

Sometimes works with as many as 30 people on certain light installation projects.

The works receiving the most critical attention of Eliasson’s would be the Weather Project. This was an installation done at London’s Tate Modern Museum in 2003. This was a great show for the artist and attracted over 2 million viewers! A large hall was emptied and inside humidifiers were placed that displaced a mixture of sugar and water that filled the air. The top of the hall was a large mirror and people could see themselves. As a result many laid on the floor to take part in the installation. Many viewers came back to the exhibit multiple times.

And here we go to London’s Tate Modern to visit the Weather Project.

A work that generated a large number of negative and positive remarks was titled the New York City Waterfalls. This project of Eliasson was to set up man made waterfalls and set up lights and illuminate the waterfalls when darkness came and throughout the night. The project was to cost around $15 million dollars.

In this clip we visit the installation New York City Waterfalls. Cool stuff!

And as a fan of the Art Car series by BMW, we visit a car made by Eliasson.

Since Thomas Kinkade has passed, we have the new “painter” of light!


Artist of the moment……Verner Panton

Verner Panton was a fantastic artist and architect born in Gentofte, Denmark in 1926. He is renown for his mass produced chairs, in particular the Panton Chair, the first single- form injection molded plastic chair. Though he was most popular as an artist during the end of the Pop Art movement and the 1960s and 1970s, he remained popular throughout his lifetiem for his modernistic designs. He would go onto design installations that were very modernistic and included the round shapes and S-curves that are associated with the artist.

For his collegiate studies the artist studied architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Art. For two years after college worked for another architect and learned his trade.

Price range information: Verner Panton produced some silkscreens and original art with works priced between $1,000 and $9,000.

In this clip we see many works by Panton and the next posting, Dieter Rams another designer from the 1960s.

In this clip we see the fine quality of the chair with no joints. His original designs are still in production and often copied.

Here we visit the image I most associate with the artist, the Phantasy Landscape.

Verner Panton passed away in 1998 at the age of 72 years old.

Artist of the moment….Danish Street Artist Tejn

Tejn is a wonderful artist born in Denmark in the year 1976. Tejn is best known for his unique style of art which incorporates graffiti and painted marks alongside original sculptures by the artist. The artist is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. These artworks were given the name “Lock On’s.” The whimsical characters are usually chained to something. These works are often made using recycled steel.

Began doing street art in 2008.

First gallery exhibition was in 2009.

Tejn also makes wheatpastes and drawings.

Also has done street art in Berlin, Germany.

In this clip we view the master Tejn in action set to some urban music. The works are titled Lock On’s as he attaches most of them with a bicycle lock.

price range information: Sorry, none available.

A link to the artist’s own website:

With his unique interpretation and style of street art keep your eyes open on this up and coming artist from Denmark!