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Artist of the moment……… Damon Soule


Damon Soule is an American artist renown his work which features color and shapes. Damon Soule was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1974. Much of the artist’s childhood was spent growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Soule attended the San Francisco Institute of Art.

Below we visit a show featuring Damon Soule that took place in 2008:

The artist helped to start a skateboard and clothing line. He quit this business to concentrate full time on being a great artist.

Soule often works on collaborations with other street artists.

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In this clip we view a show featuring Damon Soule from 2012:

I enjoy the wide range of styles found in the work of Damon Soule. We have a great deal of abstraction, wonderful colors, organic and basic geometric shapes. There is a wonderful flow of styles, shapes, and colors in the work of this artist.