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Artist of the moment…….Ossip Zadkine




Ossip Zadkine was an artist associated with the Cubist and Art Deco movements. Ossip Zadkine was born in Vitsebsk, Russian Empire in the year 1890. This area is now called Belarus. Zadkine was a painter, sculptor, and print maker.

Zadkine briefly attended the Ecole des Beaux Artes located in Paris, France.

In this clip we visit the studio of Ossip Zadkine in 1965:

The artist’s wife was also an a painter, Valentine Prix.

Ossip Zadkine passed away in 1967.

In this clip we take a closer look at Cubist sculpture titled ” The Accordian Player.” :

Price range information: Watercolors and gouache works range start at $10,000. Bronzes are his highest prices works sometimes bringing in $500,000.

I enjoy the high level of abstraction found in Zadkine’s figure works.




Artist of the moment…..Sonia Delaunay Terk

Sonia Delaunay Terk was renowned for helping to develop the Orphism movement. Sonia Delaunay was born in Gradizhsk, Ukraine in the year in 1885. The Orphism movement emphasized strong colour and basic geometric shapes. Her designs were used in textile industries and fabrics. The artist also worked as theater set designer.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we view some oil paintings by Sonia Delaunay:

For her artistic education Sonia Delaunay attended the schools in Karlsruhe, Germany and Paris, France.

After college she worked as a designer of clothing, fabrics, and handbags.

In this clip a short montage of works by Sonia Delaunay:

The artist passed away in 1979.

Sonia Delaunay was the first living female artist to have a retrospective show at the Louvre in Paris, France.

Delaunay is part of many prominent museums including the Musee of Modern Art located in Paris, France.

Sonia Delaunay like many artists profiled here has also painted a car. Below an example of her work with the automobile in art.


If you enjoy this artist be sure and read the posts about her second husband Robert Delaunay Terk and contemporary artist Amelia Caruso, who also works geometric shapes and mainly the circle.


Artist of the moment…….Francis Picabia

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Francis Picabia was a French artist born in the year 1879 in Paris, France. Over his career Picabia painted in a wide variety of styles including Surrealism, Abstraction, and realism. I enjoy his realist works as much as the abstract works and feel he does a great job at capturing the look of beautiful women. The artist was not only a great painter, but also enjoyed working with the art of typography and even wrote poetry.

The artist worked in many mediums including watercolor, gouache, crayon, and oils.

Sadly the artist lost his mother due to tuberculosis when he was only seven years old.

When he was younger he took original oil paintings of his dad’s collection. His dad was an aristocrat by family name so the family was wealthy. Picabia the son copied the original paintings, replaced the ones in his dad’s collection  without the knowledge of the father, sold the originals and kept the money for himself.

Picabia attended a private atelier run by Fernand Cormon. Cormon was a painter of religious themes and classical realism. Below a fine example of his style.


Francis Picabia also attended the School of Decorative Arts located in Paris, France.

Started his painting career with the thought of painting in an Impressionistic style.

Francis Picabia was part of the Puteaux Group. You may remember the name as it contained the Duchamp brothers. I wrote about Jacques Villon who changed his name so as not to be confused with other artists in his family. The group met at the house and studio of Jacques Villon, his birth name was Gaston Emile Duchamp. The Puteaux Group’s main objective was to show the world the ” Cubist” way of painting.

Visited America and became taken by the 1913 Armory show and the style of Modernism. This way of painting soon faded for the artist and he returned to capturing the female face and figure.

In this clip a selection of works by Francis Picabia set to music:

Francis Picabia passed away in 1953.

Again with the great James Kalm we visit a show featuring the works of Francis Picablia:

price range information: At auction a piece sold for $1.6 million dollars.


Artist of the moment……Emilio Pettoruti

Emilio Pettoruti was born in La Plata, Argentina in the year 1892.Pettoruti painted in the manner of many movements such as Cubism, Futurism, and Abstraction. At age 14 the artist began studying at a local academy of art but quit vowing to teach himself.

He was able to study with Emilio Coutaret, a drawing professor at the Museum of Natural History. Pettoruti learned to draw the human face accurately and earned a scholarship to study in Italy.

Price range information: Oils range $50,000 to $800,000. Watercolors range $2,000 to $20,000.

1915 first one man show. The show brought the artist media attention that wasn’t all positive. Pettoruti was painting in a modern style that had not yet made it to Argentina. He encouraged others to view the world with new eyes.

His first still life paintings concentrated on objects from bottles to cups seen from many angles. Pettoruti then concentrated on light. He chose to see light as a fixed object in the picture rather than lighting other objects in his works.

Included in the collection of the San Francisco Museum of Art.

If enjoy this artist please check out French Cubist painter Bernard Buffet.

In this clip a wonderful selection of art by Emilio Pettoruti. My favorite Cubist painter!

Artist of the moment…..Arthur Pinajian….

This artist worked his entire life in obscurity when it came to producing fine art. Pinajian was born in the year 1914. Pinajian is awesome for the fact that he is what this website is about. Exploring the different creative processes behind each medium of artistic expression. In this case we have someone who never painted for a show or to sell to someone else, in essence he was able to maintain that childlike exuberance to create without any need for gratification, he just enjoyed the process. Pinajian’s parents were lucky to survive the Armenian genocide of 1915 and left their homeland for America.

Pinajian earned a living as a commercial artist with some successful comic book series works. He was very active in the 1930s thru 1950s. His most famous comic book is Madame Fatale.

Though a self taught artist historians link Pinajian’s color palette to that of fellow Armenian artist Arhile Gorky. Gorky was an Ab-Ex painter born in 1904. Below is an example of his style.


The artist lived with his sister in Bellport, New York for most of his adult life.  An investor bought the house as an investment with the idea of flipping it. Finding the art was a shock because his request was to take all the art to the dump. He just enjoyed creating. We see glimpses of realism, cubism, and abstraction through out the artist’s lifetime. The artist shared a one story cottage with his sister, did thousands of paintings, and would store them in the garage and other locations that heat and water damaged many beyond repair. Thankfully what is left are true treasures!

In this clip a brief bio of the artist with works appearing at the end. He was much more than abstraction artist, he seemed to participate in many artistic movements over his lifetime.

Shorter version of the same story and without as many samples of Pinajian’s artwork.

Pinajian passed away in 1999 at the age of 85 years old.

A link for the artist’s website:

The story is fascinating for the amount of return on investment. It even surpasses the Goodwill stories I have featured!

Keep walking along the artistic path!