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Artist of the moment……..Corinne McAuley


Corinne McAuley is a wonderful artist who works with realism and abstract imagery using glass beads as her medium of choice.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

The artist began working with beads in 2001. In addition to glass beads the artist enjoys creating art with found and recycled goods.

Some works of art such as the peonies, contain more around 27,000 glass beads!

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I saw the work of this artist at the Dana Gallery’s show “Icons of the West” in Missoula, Montana. The reflected light quality of this work made it my favorite in the exhibition. It was a great show featuring such nationally renown artists as Lorrie Beck (equine drawings) and Tom Gilleon(paintings of teepees.)



Artist of the moment……..Bill Schenck


Bill Schenck is a wonderful artist working with the cowboy and western theme in a Pop Art style. Schenck was born in 1947.

Schenck attended the Columbus School of Art and Design located in Columbus Ohio. Schenck went on to earn a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute.


Having seen Bill Schenck’s art in person I was most amazed with the color. So brilliant I thought the artist had used acrylics or M. Graham Walnut oil paint. If you visit the Denver Art Museum make sure and seek out paintings by Schenck.

Schenck is a prolific printmaker and in this clip we view many of his serigraph prints:

Price range information: Originals in oils can be found for $5,000 up to $25,000. No pricing available on prints.

The artist works in oils and occasionally acrylics.

Below a link to the website of Bill Schenck. Here you may also see additional works and also three books he has published about his art:



Artist of the moment……..Buckeye Blake


Buckeye Blake and his family have been involved in the American West and its traditions for many generations. Buckeye Blake was born in the year 1946.  His grandfather was a horse breeder. Growing up Buckeye travelled the country on the rodeo tour.

Before honing his talent as a fine artist Blake had various jobs in the creative industry including sign painting and painting backgrounds and sets for the entertainment industry.

The artist when working on a piece might finish one in oils, one in watercolors, and one using just ink.

The artist and his wife have a lovely home which they enjoy sharing with animals.

Blake is based out of Texas and also like his grandfather is raising horses.

Blake has been very successful as a commercial artist, creating clothing, furniture, and posters.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I enjoy looking at the more modern western painters like Buckeye Blake and Donna Howell-Sickles, both breathe new life and great compositions to the western genre.

Blake works as a painter and also a sculptor.


Artist of the moment……Painter and photographer Richard Prince

Richard Prince is a wonderful contemporary photographer and painter born in the Panama Canal Zone in the year 1949. The artist grew up on the Eastern Coast of the United States.  Prince is known as an appropriations artist. One that regenerates or borrows some ideas from other people’s work, or  makes references to another work of art. Two examples of this would be Mel Smothers, he paints in a Warhol style  and Richard Pettibone who also works in the same manner and also pays homage to the pop stars of the 1960s in much of his art.

In this clip we visit the artist’s house.

price range information: One of his paintings of a nurse sold in 2008 for $8.45 million dollars at auction. Photographs fall between $5,000 and $15,000.

A big influence on the artist was Jackson Pollack.

Prince might use a well known theme or idea in his work. Before smoking caused cancer it was seen as a way to relax and have fun and the ads always included sexy females or in the case of Marlboro, the Marlboro man. A strong rugged man’s man that enjoyed a smoke and was Marlboro’s answer to Joe Camel.  Prince enjoys working with and making references to current items in pop culture. When he works with females he often poses them on a motorcycle.

In this clip we visit a 2013 show featuring works from the Cowboy series.

Moved to New York in  1977 and began working for time magazine working with newspaper clippings.

Also has done a series titled Joke paintings. The artists takes words and text and includes them in his art.

Other subjects explored by the artist include celebrities, car hoods, nurses, and sex, drugs, and rock and roll!

For his paintings works in acrylics.

First solo exhibition in 1980.

Lives and works out of northern New York state.

And here our friend James Kalm checks out this Guggenheim retrospective on the artist.


Artist of the moment…..Frank Tenney Johnson….

The artist is well known for his painting of nocturnal scenes, I consider he and Frederick Remington to be the best when it comes to painting works that take place in darkness or twilight.

A short clip from the Ackerman Gallery of Art. A few slides and quick background info are given.

A brief clip showing Bonhams and Butterfields auction house getting ready for an art auction. The artist is mentioned starting around 1 minute and 55 seconds into the clip.

Frank Tenney Johnson painted mainly with oils on canvas but also was a great watercolorist and made several preliminary works in pencil and charcoal.  The artist was a master at portraying contrasts in both color and light and dark shapes that are seen in the night time. I enjoy his cowboys more than any other artist because so little is stated in the face but the mood and still quiet of the night is captured perfectly.

high price range:  657,000 for the last picture in the gallery TIME TO WAKE THE COOK.

low price range:  At auction in January of this year  some oil paintings were sold for $3,750.

The artist is part of a very ineresting news story that broke recently in Bridgwater, Massachusetts. A library there had a painting hanging that was a donation.  One day a visitor asked if the piece was an original. It was an original painted by Frank Tenney Johnson titled ” Trooper on Guard.”  Johnson painted the piece in 1935 and it was donated to the library in 1967.  The piece is currently undergoing restoration at Vose Galleries in Boston. Once fully restored the piece is thought to be worth as much as $375,000 at auction.

The musuem is at odds of what to do with the painting. The library doesn’t meet museum standard security, and the risk is too  great that someone will steal the painting  if the musuem brags about owning such a valuable work. More than likely the library will sell the piece at auction and reap the financial benefits.

The artist was born in 1874 in Coucil Bluffs, Iowa. At tens of age the artist moved to Milwaukee. He then became an apprentice to F.W. Heine, a well respected painter of panoramic views of the Western part of the States. He also was an apprentice under Richard Lorenz, an artist specializing in painting horses and scenes of the west.

Later in life the artist moved to New York where he blossomed as a painter studying under such as artists as William Merritt Chase, John Twachtman, and Kenneth Milller, and Robert Henri.

The artist was first a very successful illustrator working on books for Zane Grey and magazines such as Field and Stream. In addition he became an attorney and was quite active. He spent much of his later years on a ranch he owned just outside of Cody, Wyoming.

The artist died oddly in 1939. He attended a party and kissed the hostess. He either contracted or passed the virus spinal meningitis, he died the next day.

In closing this artist is my favorite painter alongside Frederick Remington in capturing the “Color of Night.”  This was a great exhibit I saw at the Denver Art Museum and encourage art fans to take a closer look at “nocturnal scenes.”  The artist went to great lengths to produce his night scenes sometimes taking one year to complete them.

Try a night scene today!

Happy painting!