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Artist of the moment….Winfred Rembert

Windred Rembert is an African American artist that works with dye and hand carved leather in his work. Winfred Rembert was born in 1945 in the city of Cuthbert, Georgia. Growing up in the deep south during the civil rights era and also working as a field laborer picking cotton.

His surfaces are quite textured as he draws and etches directly on the leather. Then adds color using various dyes.

A documentary film was made about Winfred Rembert titled “All  Me, ” here is a link to the site:

And below is a brief trailer for the film:

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Many works deal with the idea of group labor, but also the celebration of life found in the community and to some extent the bright and colorful clothes worn.  A day of working in the field could earn Rembert around 15 to 20 cents per day.

The artist had a difficult childhood and was raised by an aunt rather than a father or mother.

In this clip the artist gets fired up when talking about a work titled “Amazing Grace.”

Rembert was once in a prison chain gang, and then he made a piece of art out of this experience. In this clip he talks about how awful of an experience it was being in a chain gang with some great examples of his art documenting his experience of the chain gang.

Winfred Rembert is a self taught artist.

Based out of New Haven, Connecticut.