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Artist of the moment…….Nate Lowman



Nate Lowman is a contemporary American artist renown for his subject matter of bullet holes. Nate Lowman was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in the year 1979. Lowman is a prolific painter and printmaker.

Lowman attended New York University located in New York City where he earned a B.F.A.

In this clip we view a great clip from Art Basel Miami:

Lowman is now based out of Manhattan, New York. Below we visit his studio:

Price range information: Lowman works in acrylics, oils, and inks. Prints can be found starting at $10,000. Original works can reach as high as $700,000.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

When viewing Lowman’s work I am reminded of Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. His bullet hole works are usually made by a silkscreen printed on an irregular shaped canvas.



Artist of the moment……..Sarah Sze



Sarah Sze is an contemporary American sculptor. Sarah Sze was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the year 1969. In addition to sculpture the artist creates site specific installation works.

One of her constant themes to explore is the never ending appearance of commercialism and information in our culture. Often times she includes many man made items in her art.

The artist attended Yale University where she earned a B.A. degree. Sze went on to earn a M.F.A. degree from the School of Visual Arts located in New York city.

She has created installations for the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston, Ma.

In this clip from we view Sarah Sze when she appeared on the P.B.S. documentary series Art21:

The artist represented the United States in the famed Venice Biennial in 2013. In this clip we view her work for this exhibition:

Sze is the past winner of a MacArthur Fellowship.

Sarah Sze is now based out of New York City.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist also produces wonderful prints that feature a mix of silkscreen and engraving.






Artist of the moment…….Zenita Komad


Zenita Komad is a contemporary artist from Austria working in a modern style. Zenita Komad was born in Austria in the year 1980. Komad is a painter and photographer.

The artist often adds text or a form of dimensionality to her artwork.

Komad attended the Academy of Fine Art and the University of Applied Art located in Austria.

The artist is based out of Vienna, Austria.

The artist is part of collections in Europe, South Korea, and the United States.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below we visit a gallery show from 2008 featuring the work of Zenita Komad. Her installations are very large and playful and remind me of American artist Jeff Koons:

Komad is a great example of a modern Pop artist.


Artist of the moment……Ching-Liang Chen


Chen Ching- Liang is a contemporary ceramist who is renown for his art which recreates the texture of wood in clay. Chen Ching- Liang was born in the south of Taiwan in the year 1953. The artist comes from a family of farming.

Chen Ching- Liang often works with the table and chairs as a favorite subject. It reminds him of what he considers to be the funnest time of anyone’s life, a child! No responsibilities or worries, just fun!

The artist first began his work with clay by doing his own style of teapots. He has now worked with ceramics for 35 years.

His family wanted him to be a farmer, but he didn’t want this for a career and he ran away from home. It took three tries, but Ching- Liang Chen passed his exam and entered the National Taiwan Academy of Art with hopes of becoming a nationally renown painter.

When he finished college the regional economy was tough. The artist found success in creating ceramic tea pots. The tea pots led him to wood and his signature trompe style.

The artist’s wife, who was his girlfriend at the time, visited the United States and studied dance in college. She brought a teapot that Ching- Liang Chen had made for her and showed to her ceramics teacher. Her teacher was very impressed with the skill of the teapot artist.

The teacher got the permission for the artist to come and immediately began teaching ceramics at the collegiate level. The artist also had his works shown in the U.S. for  the first time. It was a very successful adventure and Ching- Liang Chen taught very successful classes as the public was eager to learn from this master ceramist.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist is based out of Neihu, a suburb of the Taipei, Taiwan.

He often works on a piece for half a year. Works are purchased before they are finished!

What a fascinating subject matter!



Artist of the moment………Ricardo Mazal


Ricardo Mazal is an contemporary abstract artist. Ricardo Mazal was born in Mexico in the year 1950.

The artist didn’t pursue art as a career until he was 36 years of age. For his first career Mazal ran a successful design company.

Mazal taught himself the world of art by visiting many museums and reading many books. His process of painting includes using photography and also digital technology.

Mazal explores various themes including death and burial ceremonies in his art. An example might be to compare what happens to a body after death in the cultures of the United States, Mexico, and Latin America.

Price range information: Prints can be found for $1,000 to $5,000. No price information available on originals.

The artist is based out of Sante Fe, New Mexico and New York City.

In this clip Mazal talks about preparing for a show in late 2014:


Below a link to the website of Ricardo Mazal:

Here we visit a show featuring Mazal in San Francisco, California:

Artist of the moment…….Federico Uribe


Federico Uribe is a contemporary sculptor from Columbia. Federico Uribe was born in Bogota, Columbia in the year 1962. Uribe attended the University of Los Andes.

Until 1996 Uribe considered himself a painter, after this time period he switched to being more of a collage artist. Some items he has used include coins, pencils, and even electrical wires.

In this clip a brief interview with Federico Uribe as he talks about his exhibit for Art Basel Miami 2013:

Below Uribe talks about his exhibit at the Hudson River Museum:

Uribe finds inspiration for his creations from old masters including Leonardo and Velazquez.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment……Xu Lei




Xu Lei is a contemporary Chinese artist who paints with traditional ink on silk. Xu Lei was born in Nantong, Jiangsu, China  in the year 1963. The artist attended Nanjong Art Academy.

Xu Lei is a painter and printmaker. Lei paints with a  mix of schools, using ideas and techniques from the Song and Ming dynasties.

The artist came to national prominence in the 1980s.

In this clip a brief interview with English subtitles with Xu Lei:

The wine scene is very hot and profitable in China. Xu Lei designed the label for a Rothschild label and this clip explores this venture:

A great montage of works by Xu Lei from 2012:

Xu Lei is based out of Beijing, China. The artist teaches at the China Art Academy.

Price range information: Originals range from $50,000 to $500,000. His ink on silk paintings are very large in size.

What a great sense of style. Its always intriguing to see what the artist leaves out. Who is reading the book in bathtub? What does the sitter’s face look like? What a great twist on the ancient technique of painting with ink on silk.


Artist of the moment……..Hessam Abrishami


Hessam Abrishami is a painter and printmaker renown for his contemporary work with the figure. Hessam Abrishami was born in Shiraz, Iran in the year 1951.

The artist now lives in California. Abrishami is one of eight children.

Abrishami attended college  in Iran where he studied architecture.  The artist also earned a master’s degree from a college located in Perugia, Italy.

price range information: Sorry none available.


Below a great selection of works by Hessam Abrishami set to music:

What I enjoy most about this artist is his use of color. I first became aware of Hessam Abrishami as a hospital I visited often had many prints of his work. I find his work to uplifting and warm, a perfect fit for a hospital.



Artist of the moment……Trenton Doyle Hancock


Trenton Doyle Hancock is an African-American artist born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the year 1974. Hancock is a collage artist, printmaker,  painter who works in very contemporary and illustrative style. Many works by the artist are done with acrylics on paper.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $100,000.

Hancock is renowned for his illustrations of creatures he invented called “Mounds.” These are make believe creatures that he features in much of his illustrative works.

For his artistic education Trenton Hancock attended Texas A & M University earning a B.F.A. Hancock went on to the Tyler School of Art located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he earned an M.F.A.

In this clip a wonderful interview with Hancock and the public television series Art21:

Hancock has been a recipient of a grant from the Joan Mitchell Foundation.

Here we visit a show at the Seattle Art Museum featuring the work of Trenton Doyle Hancock:

The artist is based out of Houston, Texas.





Artist of the moment….Wilhelm Sasnal

Wilhelm Sasnal is a contemporary artist born in Tarnow, Poland in the year 1972. Sasnal is renown for his modern imagery and paints in oils and acrylics. For his collegiate education Sasal studied architecture at the Cracow Polytechnic in Poland. After this he did attend the Academy of Fine Arts located in Cracow where he studied art. Sasnal works in various mediums including drawing, painting, photography, lithography,  and video.

The artist remains based out of Tarnow, Poland.

For subject matter Sasnal works with anything imaginable from portraits to the banal images taken from the internet.

As Sasnal has improved as a painter the artist also has become more interested in using film as a primary medium. He has created feature length works and even a short film featuring the group Sonic Youth.

In this clip we meet up with our great friend and fellow admirer of all things art, James Kalm, for a show featuring Wilhelm Sasnal:

Price range information:  Works range from $3,000 to $450,000.

In this clip a curator talks about the artist:

Andy Warhol would be proud to see this artist as he works in so many mediums!


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