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Artists painting food…..Ben Steele…

low priced range: $1,500

high priced range: $7,500

mediums used: oils

surfaces used: canvas

A link to the artist’s website: The home page has a wonderful painting of some surrealistic dogs painted in a “Dali” style.

On line and land based galleries: CODA Galleries in both Park City, Utah and Palm Desert, California.

Park City, Utah :

Palm Desert, California:

Sante Fe, New Mexico:  Giacobbe Fritz Gallery.

This artist is similar to Robert Jackson in that both take a very humorous approach to painting.  The works of this artist not only have the tools of great painting such as color and composition, but in most of his works he makes references to artists of the past.

One picture to look at is the first one in the gallery. A non chain movie theater with one of Andy’s most famous works, Marilyn Monroe. The marquee even makes a mention of Andy’s old study in the 1960s, the silver factory. A similar idea is made when the artist uses Marilyn on what seems to be a very old and weather worn farm building.

In the second painting from the top we have Munch’s famous painting the Scream. If you remember the television series Roseanne, one of the kids had it hanging in their bedroom. Here it is used as a logo for a fictitious beverage company.

Although the artist is realist I love the fact he paid homage to Abstract painters of well. The work which I remember about the artist the most was this fantastic work with a spray painted image ( the artist painted it so it looked spray painted) of Jackson Pollack and it is titled Jack the Ripper. This man loves art history. For those of us who love art history each work might be considered a “rebus.” A rebus is a puzzle made of signs or symbols. Its great fun to see if you can recall names of the artists who he refers to.

The artist was born in 1977 in Kennewick, Washington. He attended college at the University of Utah studying painting and drawing. He now lives and works in Halper, Utah.

Another favorite series of paintings by the artist are those that mix children’s drawings books with famous figures of the art world.  In one artwork the makes reference to the Ma and Pop farm couple done by Grant Wood. In another made up children’s book he makes reference to Andy Warhol. Yet another wonderful piece was done with Chuck Close as the subject with cigarettes lying on top. By leaving the coloring semi finished the piece has a super fresh feel to it.

He has appeared in national art magazines American Art Collector and Southwest Art. Southwest Art named him one of the 21 artists under 31 years of age to watch.

No art homework today, relax and do some drawing. Just a pen or pencil and white sheet of paper!

Happy painting!


Artists portraying food…..Rachel Hovnanian….

mediums used: prints of her sculptures, installation, short films which you can find on her website. Most 12 minutes or less, find her web address at the end of this article.

This artist gained much publicity in the past few years for her work with sculpture. Her main theme has been beauty both the power and burden of being an attractive women in today’s world.

A clip with the artist talking about her show about Beauty and Power  in Belgium.

link to the artist’s website-

The artist was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Now lives and works out of New York City.

Hovnanian had her first show in Chicago in 2011 at the Carrie Secrist Gallery.

The artist tries to get people to think about ideas we take as being “normal.”  Opening a magazine and looking thru page after page about how to lose weight or lose wrinkles. She tries to get people to see past the superficial ideas. For an installation artist she makes the viewer have many thoughts about her works. In this world of connectivity and the internet it seems people all around the world want to chase beauty either for money or power or both. Her message is universal in any language, the world is consumed by beauty, which from my artistic point of view isn’t a bad thing!

Some items normally represented in her work that have to do with beauty are tiaras, swimsuits, trophies and the narcissus flower.  She loves to poke fun of modern advertising and its cure all solutions for showing any signs of age.  She did this in a photographic series dealing with Texas Beauty Cream.

The artist has been well taught at by many working professional artists. She has attended Parsons School of Design, the Art Students League of New York City, the National Academy of Design, and the University of Texas.

The artist has been featured in the New York Times and Elle Decor. She has been part of shows the last few years in exciting cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Shanghai , London, Madrid, Barcelona, and Antwerp. It seems for installation artists there might be more opportunities to sell works overseas. With its flourishing economy Asia has seen records amounts of art sold in traditional ink to modern art such as video and installation series.

On line and land based gallery: The Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong offers prints of her sculptures.

I enjoy this artist for her always increasing her use of different mediums and for making people think more about the many media ads portraying women whose image has been photoshopped.  I imagine she could do awesome pictures about women eating chocolate and gaining a bunch of weight. She has a great mind for seeing what works in the commercial advertising world.

No art homework for today!





Artists who paint food……Richard Davidson

mediums used: oils

surfaces used: canvas

online and land gallery: Opus Art Limited in Newcastle Upon Tynes, United Kingdom.

low price range: 900 pound sterling

high price range: 2200 pound sterling

This artist was born in 1946 in Newcastle upon Tyne. The artist was first a lawyer by trade.  He attended Wimbledon College for the Arts. Chelsea College.

Received law degrees in the late forties.

Below is a clip showing the artist at work in his studio.

His work breaks many so called rules, for instance no figure exists in the clothes. Also he rarely uses a horizon line and prefers to use a complimentary color to the subject.He also uses ;many objects that were part of his life as a city attorney. Ties, glasses, shoes, and shirts are four fun subjects from this genre.  The shoes are upscale, freshly polished, and shiny.

The viewer is shown that by climbing the corporate ladder some loss of identity and individual is gone.

He is many public and private collections through out the globe.

Try gathering your favorite pair of shoes and painting them with a complimentary color, don’t try and paint the ground, just concentrate on color schemes.

This artist paints very large with many works having a length of twenty or more inches.

Happy painting!


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