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Artist of the moment………Tim Doyle



Tim Doyle is an American artist and illustrator renown for his work with famous landmarks seen in the movies and television. A great example of this is the classic image of Cosmo Kramer’s car from Seinfeld parked in front of the diner made famous by the series.

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In this clip a brief interview with Tim Doyle:

Below a link to the website of the artist:

The artist is based out of Austin, Texas.

Doyle has had a very successful career as a commercial artist working with companies including Lucasfilm, of George Lucas and also the major comic book companies Dark Horse and D.C. Comics.

The artist started his own printmaking studio company called Nakatomi Inc.

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Artist of the moment…..Street artist Phlegm

Phlegm is a British street artist based out of Sheffield, England. He worked in the comic book field and it shows in the size and detailed finish of his works. He enjoys depicting boats and creatures of the sea. Usually works in an illustrative fashion working in black and white. He has also done work in Manchester and London, England.

The artist is still being “discovered” and not much is known about him.

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A link to the website of Phlegm with some artwork for sale:

In this clip we view a very large mural by Phlegm:

A time lapse of Phlegm working on a piece:

Here is my favorite of the artist’s works, this work is about capturing a giant squid:


Always enjoy seeing artists working in the street and producing comic book level art!