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Artist of the moment………Street Artist Elian Chali



Elian Chali is a Argentinian street artist who works in a modern abstract style with a very colorful palette. Elian Chali was born in Cordoba, Argentina in the year 1981.

Chali had his first solo exhibition in 2010. The artist creates limited edition prints.

On occasion the artist has worked with Alexis Diaz. In this clip we take a look at some works by these two great street artists:

Below a link to the website of Elian Chali:

Below a great interview with the artist:

The artist is based out of Cordoba.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Elian Chali has a wonderful style of street art. His use of abstract shapes and bright colors are sure to enlighten the day of anyone who passes by his art.


Artist of the moment….CES53 also known as Tony Van Hoenderloo

Ces53 is a well known street/ graffiti artist that lives in the Netherlands.

Started to make his art in 1985.

Ces53 has made art in many countries around the world including Mexico, the United States, Europe, and even Burma.

First started painted trains as did many of his contemporaries.

In addition to painting he also has done sculpture works.

If I was to compare his work to another contemporary artist no doubt Romero Britto comes to mind. Both have bright fun colored palettes and have much action in their art. Below a great example of a work by Britto.


Below a great montage of some street art done by Ces53.

Ces53 is also part of a street collective named Lastplak, many times these images are very large and worked on with multiple artists from the collective.

A link to the artist’s own website:

price range info: Sorry, none available.

In this clip we get a brief street/ graffiti art lesson!


I really enjoyed the graffiti art lesson!