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Artist of the moment…Aldro Thompson Hibbard…

This artist is one of the best painters of snow. He painted mainly coastal scenes of small farms covered in a fresh blanket of snow.


This is a clip by a fellow named Rick Unruh discussing a favorite painting of Aldro Hibbard that was up for auction in November of 2011.


The artist was born in 1886 in Falmoth, Massachusetts. The most coveted paintings of the artist are snowy seasons of Vermont.


The artist worked mainly in oils because the winter months were too cold to use watercolor.


For his art education Hibbard attended the Boston Museum School of Fine Art.  Hibbard studied under such renknown artists as Frank Benson and Frederick Bosley. In college the artist had such a successful showing he won a scholarship to study abroad in Europe. He found he had a talent for painting snow scenes whilst caught in a snowstorm in Madrid, Spain.


Member of the Academy of Design.


High price range:  $88,000 for a snow painting done in oils.
Low price range: Nothing available for information.


Since we got our first snowfall today, I thought it would be a great subject matter for  few entries. This artist  is one of my favorite painters of snow as well, along with Michael Goddfrey, Richard Schmid, and Len Chmiel. All of these painters used soft tones and wonderful variances of purples and ochres and sometimes many blues to give a wonderful showing of how light hits snow and makes wonderful shadow colors.


For me having grown up in the northwest and seeing firsthand blizzards and snow piled up on the sidewalk for months at at time, snow is always moving. Even when the wind is less than 5mph if you stop and look closely you can see small snow flakes glistening in the air as they are carried by the wind. My favorite painters of snow also capture the movement of the snow and wind. My favorite is Guy Carleton Wiggins. This family has had three generations of professional painters and looking at his wonderful paintings of New York, New York in the winter, makes me feel cold instantly. Guy Arthur Wiggins, the son of the forementioned artist also paints wonderful snowfilled canvases of the Big Apple.


Also Lynn Boggess is another outstanding painter of snow moving thru the air. The artist paints very large and only uses cement trowels to make his paintings. He is able to create wonderful thick and thin lines with this method and has  great knowledge of color.


I enjoy this first snowfall of the year most of all because the remnants of it will be gone soon. But its not too early to prepare for painting some winter scenes!


Paint something this weekend!


Awesome Acrylic Series…..Ovid Ward….

One word that comes to mind when thinking of work by this artist is serene.  He is famous for his paintings of Martha’s Vineyard. My favorite works of his are of the vineyard during the evening time, sometimes after a light rain, the sun and sky turn to a purplish color contrasting nicely with the blue of the water.

Artist’s website:

On line and land based galleries: Wellesley Hills, MA.

mediums used: acrylics

surfaces used: board

low price range: $1200 for originals, prints from $100 on his website

high price range: $15,000 for original commission of a very large boat

The artist enjoys painting coastal and boat landscapes.  People enjoy his painting of the boats and if some thing is not right with a particular boat, they aren’t afraid to tell him so. The artist enjoys rendering these works based on photographs he has taken.

The artist has worked in the commercial art industry for decades for the Chrysler corporation as an automobile designer.

The artist was born in 1945. He grew up on Martha’s Vineyard and as a youngster put on more than 1,000 miles paddling across the waters with his cousin.

Went to college in Pasadena, California at the Art Center College for Design. After studying industrial art he moved to Detroit and began designing automobiles. While he was happy with the opportunity to earn a living as an artist he strove to be a designer of boats.  While in Detroit and working in the auto industry he went back to college and earned a master’s degree in industrial design from Wayne State University.

The artist worked for a short while as designer of yachts, but felt he wasn’t getting enough credit for design techniques. He moved back to Martha’s Vineyard and got a job building boats.  After one year of building boats he decided to form his own company and build them himself.  They were similar to lobster boats and made of fiberglass. The artist built 24 boats. One day his business partner for the boats ran off with one of his prototypes and he quit the business then and there.

In order to decorate his new house, the artist had done paintings of the vineyard and displayed them around his house. After seeing his great works of art he entered them in an art show featuring local artists.  After this show three galleries wanted to display his works.  He had made it as an artist without even trying!

The artist had a bout with lung cancer in the mid 2000s. He thought he developed cancer from building the boats with asbestos. He recovered and has been busy ever since by people wanting to commission an Ovid Ward original of Martha’s Vineyard.

Also paints abstract works.

When it comes to how I picture Martha’s Vineyard to be in the evening this artist just nails it. The color of light and the smell of the sea water are at your fingertips when viewing his work. The blues and purples just go perfectly with each other.

Try painting your favorite coastal retreat during sunset when you have the full rainbow of colors to work with.

Happy painting!