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Artist of the moment……..Claude Viallat


Claude Viallat is an abstract painter born in Nimes, France in the year 1936. Viallat attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts located in Montpelier, France. He grew up in the south of France.

In this clip we view a show featuring Claude Viallat that took place in 2012:

The artist enjoys mixing mediums and sometimes paints on curtain fabric.

The artist came to the United States and enjoyed viewing the works of Jackson Pollack. Viallat enjoyed the work of other Abstract Expressionists. Viallat also enjoyed looking at Native American Art. (I hope he was able to see some First Nations Artists of Canada also!) So much good art to see and so little time!

Viallat has also taught at the collegiate level. He was a professor at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts located in Marseille, France. Years later the artist would also work at the Ecole Des Beaux-Arts Superior located in Paris, France.

Here we view a show featuring other artists part of the Support and Surface movement. A work of Claude Viallat is shown and discussed by James Kalm at the 2:06 part of the clip:

Price range information: Print works start at $1,000. Works in watercolors, acrylics, and gouache range from $5,000 to $70,000.

The artist has been a participant in the famed Venice, Biennial.