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Artist of the moment……Moses Nyanhongo

Moses Nyanhongo is a Shona artist born in Zimbabwe in the year 1981. Moses Nyanhongo was inspired my many other relatives that were artists but his main inspiration was his artist father, Claud Nyanhongo. Moses worked as an apprentice and assistant to his father before beginning his own studio.

In 1999 he moved from the countryside to the big city of Harare where he joined his many siblings and other relatives who were full time professional artists.

He enjoys working with the figure.

Moses Nyanhongo is based out of Harare, Zimbabwe.

About his work Nyanhongo states he is striving for contrast and texture. The artist also strives for a great contrast with light and dark colors.

Began exhibiting his own work with show at the Chapungu Sculpture Park located in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2002.

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More to come soon other artists from this remarkable family of creativity!


Artist of the moment……Shona artist Gedion Nyanhongo

Gedion Nyanhongo is a sculptor born in Nyanga, Zimbabwe in the year 1967.  The Nyanhongo family  tree includes many professional artists the first profiled here was Agnes. I enjoy reading about the history of any family produces multiple generations of artists. Some families profiled here include the Wyeths, the Peales, the Gruppe family, and the many Inuit families of artists an example would be the Ashevak family. A family from the Aboriginal style of artisans would be the Petyarre. Each culture usually has a family or two whose sole purpose seems to be to create art! Gedion Nyanhongo was born into one of these families embedded in the national culture of the country.

Gedion’s father Claud Nyanhongo was considered a first generation shona sculptor as he shona sculpture began in the late 1950s.

Gedion worked a period of time as an apprentice to an older established artist friend of his father named Joseph Ndandarika. Below an example of Ndandarika’s art.


In this clip a brief interview with Gedion Nyanhongo:

In this clip we go to a gallery show:

A link to the website off Gedion Nyanhongo:

Gedion Nyanhongo works out of Zimbabwe and Phoenix, Arizona.

Gedion has a son named Courage who is also a professional sculptor.

Sold his first sculpture at the age of nine to a woman from Hong Kong. The sculpture he made was of the moon.

Married with four children.

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