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Artist of the moment…..Christopher Brown….

A great clip with the artist explaining his technique of NOT finishing paintings. He is very creative and loves seems to love to add ideas to his paintings. Some works can lean toward the surreal side when he begins to get excited and add shapes and color. Its very apparent at the part 7:50 or so into the clip.

This artist was born in 1951 on a marine corps base where his father was a doctor. He was born in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. When he was three years old the family moved to Ohio. He talked his parents into enrolling him in art classes that took place on Saturday morning.

The way the artist uses the same shape repeatedly in some of his works reminds me of Andy Warhol.  Andy Warhol seemed  to use nearly the same identical shape in many of his works, the shape would be slightly altered but had a very strong impact on the viewer. Brown is very cleaver in that he uses people and groups of people when he uses repetitive shapes.

He also uses a bird’s eye view. From this angle it seems that in many occassions the people are all moving in the same direction, leading to a greater feeling of chaos when looking at the artist’s paintings.

From his paintings I enjoy his paintings of figures sledding down a snow packed hill. The snow is cleverly painted and figure is loosely painted which gives it a sense of motion. The artist’s use of blue and yellow give the illusion of a strong sense of light.

When Christopher Brown was thirteen years old the family moved again. This time they relocated to Illionois. His father went on to work for student health services at the University of Illinois, in Champaigne- Urbana. Brown went on to attend college at the same university his father taught, earning a bachelors degree in art. The artist then went on to University of California at Davis for his masters degree. In college he studied with the likes of Wayne Theibaud and Manuel Neri.

Whilst the artist was in college he received a grant to study in Europe. He visited France, Spain, and Germany.

He paints mainly oils on linen but has worked with pastels on paper as well. He loves to draw and has made linocuts, etchings, woodcuts, acrylics,  and lithographs.

High price range: $31,000 for acrylics. $131,000 for oils.

Low price range: $6,000 for a work in crayons. $1,000 for etchings. Lithographs for a few hundred dollars.

The artist even was a critic for ArtWeek magazine.

Currently lives and works in Berkeley, California.

Try painting a birds eye of a group of people. An amusement park or waterpark might be a good start.