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Artist of the moment…….Water Poon

Water Poon is a fantastic painter who is inspired by the classical Chinese gardens located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Water Poon was born in Guangdong, China in the year 1944. For his collegiate education Poon attended Hong Kong Polytechnic College. The artist studied graphics design. Poon works as a photographer and film maker in addition to being a painter.

Poon is a past winner of Hong Kong’s Artist of the Year award.

In this clip the artist talks about the gardens that inspire him. We even get to view the artist painting!:

In this clip we view Water Poon’s famous series of the Lotus flower:

price range information: Sorry none available.

As flowers are my favorite subject to paint, I enjoy Poon’s paintings of the Lotus flower. Very simple and elegant colour and shapes.


Artist of the moment…….Zhang Huan

Zhang Huan is a contemporary Chinese artist born in Anyang, Henan Province, China in the year 1965. Zhang Huan works in many mediums including performance art, photography, sculpting, and painting. The artist is very innovative producing works with ash and resin.

Zhang Huan attended Henan University for his B.F.A. The artist went on to earn a M.F.A. from Beijing’s Academy of Fine Arts.

A link to the website of Zhang Huan:

In this clip the artist is interviewed about his series on Poppy flowers:

In this clip we see an awesome sculpture with three heads!:

Zhang Huan was included in the Whitney Biennial of 2002.

The artist has produced over 40 works of performance art.

price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment………Shaw-Hwei Dong


Shaw-Hwei Dong is a fantastic painter of plants. Shaw-Hwei Dong was born in China in the year 1962. For her artistic education Dong attended the National Taiwan Normal University where she studied fine art.

Dong uses her own house and plants for her art. What I like most about her work is the fact its simple but she works with the shapes so often she can manipulate them so the work has a lot of motion to it. I also enjoy her perspective, many times she paints looking down on the plant so we just have the plant and a table or carpet.

She reminds of the master still life painter Giorgio Morandi, who made wonderful still life paintings using objects found around his house and studio.

One series well received by the artist dealt with the same plants and flowers, painted at different times of the day.

Price range information: Original works in oils range from $15,000 to $60,000.

Happy Mother’s Day!



Artist of the moment…….Mao Yan


Mao Yan is a wonderful artist born in Xiagtan, Hunan Provence, China in the year 1968. Mao Yan enjoys painting the figure in a way that reminds me of Lucien Freud. Freud like Mao Yan was not out for an exactly likeness, rather an emotional snapshot of the person. Also both artists use unusual compositions in working with the figure.

Yan was influenced by Goya. Its easy to see with his great use of contrast and dark colors.

Price range information: Works range from the high figures to over $1.4 million dollars at auction.

Mao Yan works in oils, watercolors, and pastel.

For his artistic education Mao Yan attended the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Yan is also a teacher working at Nanjing University of Art also located in Beijing, China.


Artist of the moment………Ai Xuan


Ai Xuan is the half brother to the more famous artist Ai Wei Wei. Ai Xuan was born in Jinhau, China in the year 1947.

For his artistic education Ai Xuan attended the China Central Academy of Fine Arts located in Beijing, China.

Ai Xuan works in oils and watercolor and inks. When he was at his peak, Ai Xuan was  still a slower paced painter, finishing around 12 canvases per year. As he has aged he only completes around 2 pieces per year in oils. Ai Xuan paints much faster using the mediums of ink and watercolor.

Price range information: Works range from $50,000 to more than $5 million at auction.

In this clip we view Ai Xuan’s most celebrated work, his work with children.

Another family of awesome artists!


Artist of the moment…….Fu Baoshi

Fu Baoshi was a world renowned artist who worked in the traditional style with inks and watercolors on very large surfaces sometimes working on hanging scrolls. Fu Baoshi was born in Xinyu, Jianxi Provence, China in the year 1904. Fu Baoshi loved to paint the landscape and is seen by many critics as one of the best of his era in regards to painting the traditional landscape.

For his artistic education Baoshi attended the Tokyo School of Fine Arts.

Baoshi’s style was a blend of ancient Chinese methods and the Japanese methods he picked up whilst in college. These two styles gave the artist a unique and modern look. Baoshi even experimented the techniques of applying color to his works.

Price range information: Works range from one half million dollars and up. Most works command at least one million at auction.

Fu Baohsi passed away in 1965.

In this clip a discussion about Eastern and Western painting styles and the influence of Fu Baoshi:

Fu Baoshi was a grandfather to a contemporary art dealer named Jenny Pat. Pat is a Canadian citizen who studied in England and has worked for major auction houses included Christies where she helped to sell works by her father. She is 32 years and one the best in the businesses of dealing art. She specializes in Asian art.

In this clip we listen a fellow artist named Henry Li talk about the works of Fu Baoshi. We also visit a museum named for the artist:

When one thinks of blending styles many artists think of Eastern and Western styles. We also must not forget the breakthrough artists like Fu Baoshi who blended different styles of Eastern painting methods from the Chinese and Japanese traditional painting schools.

I love the animated sense of life we get from his figures. Baoshi was a master at anything he chose to paint.


Artist of the moment…….Wei Zixi

Wei Zixi was a very prolific Chinese painter of the landscape and figure.  Zixi did much of his work with ink painted on hanging scrolls.

Wei Zixi was born in 1915 in Suiping, Henan, China.

The artist was a member of the Jiangsu Chinese Paint Academy.

Wei Zixi passed away in 2002.

I wish more information was available for this artist! In the upcoming posts we will spend some time looking at the wonderful Chinese painters that work on hanging scrolls. I love the atmosphere and design of these well executed works!

In this clip we visit a museum named for the artist. Not much artwork of Wei Zixi is shown. I included the clip as it contains a wonderful part in which traditional landscape painter Henry Li shows which brushes he uses to make clouds, mountains, and trees:

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $75,000.

Wei Zixi was able to get great depth on his wonderful compositions. The artist was also a very capable draftsman I would rank in the same category of other landscape artists including Claude Lorraine.


Artist of the moment……Fan Yu

Fan Yu is an awesome artist working in the medium of sculpture. Fan Yu was born in Qingdao, China in the year 1966.  The artist portrays the figure but his most renowned subject is the horse. For his sculptures he works in bronze, painted bronze, and fiberglass.

For his artistic education the artist attended the Shandong Art Institute of Art located in Jinana, Shandong, China. In addition Fan Yu studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art located in Beijing, China.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $50,000.

I love it when artists make reference to other artists they might admire or respect. Below my favorite work from Fan Yu, it depicts the artists Marcel Duchamp playing with many birds.


In this clip we view recent works by Fan Yu:

What a wonderful style of sculpture!


Artist of the moment…….DALeast

DALeast is a wonderful street artist born in China. DALeast keeps his real identity hidden. The artist works in an easily recognizable style painting animals and other objects that look as if they are made out of thousands of pieces of metal that are in constant motion and action. Though I have posted many times about artists in other genres that are husband and wife, DALeast is also married to a world renowned street artist named Faith47. I have profiled her before as she is one of few women street artists working in South Africa. The couple spends part of the year in South Africa and the other half traveling the globe making wonderful art for us to enjoy.

The artist has been arrested one time. It was in Beijing just before the Olympics took place in 2008.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we view DALeast and wife Faith 47 working on a mother and child work of art in New York City:

In this clip we view DALeast working on a very large piece of street art:

DALeast has brought new creativity to the street art scene with his unique style of painting! Its also great that we have an artist family that make street art ! AWESOME!


Artist of the moment…..Cai Zhisong

Cai Zhisong was born in Shenyang, China in the year 1972. Zhisong is a wonderful sculptor that portrays the history and current culture of his people. I enjoy the wonderful expressions found on the characters faces of the artist.

For his artistic education Zhisong attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts earning both a bachelors and masters degree.

The artist went on to teach at the university.

In this clip we view some works of Zhisong from multiple angles:

Price range information: Works range from $6,000 to $150,000.


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