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Artist of the moment…….Sheng Qi




Sheng Qi is a modern contemporary artist renown for his work with political activism and figure. Sheng Qi was born in Anhui Province in the year 1965. Sheng Qi is a painter, performance artist, and photographer.

Sheng Qi had a fantastic collegiate career studying in some of the world’s best institutions for art. Qi attended the Central Academy of Art and Design located in Beijing. Qi also lived and work in Italy for a few years before earning a M.F.A. from the Central Saint Martin’s Academy of Art and Design located in London, England.

In this clip we view Sheng Qi’s first solo exhibition in London, England:

Qi’s often paints with acrylics on canvas.

Price range information: Most works priced between $5,000 and $40,000.

The artist is now based out of Beijing, China.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

Sheng Qi has a wonderful sense of design. The aspect of his artwork that I enjoy the most is his brush strokes.


Artist of the moment……….Wang Keping


Wang Keping is a contemporary Chinese artist renown for his modernist sculpture works often with the female form. Wang Keping was born in Beijing, China in the year 1949.

His figures usually have increases focus in the legs, breasts, and butt. I find his figures to be very abstract like the English artist Henry Moore.

Here we view a great interview from 2009. Wang Keping talks about the Chinese art market:

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $150,000.

In this clip we view a gallery show featuring his work:

The artist is now based out of Paris, France.

Keping works with bronze occasionally but uses wood for the most part.

The artist was inspired by an artist recently featured here, Constantin Brancusi.



Artist of the moment………..Ai Jing




Ai Jing is a well known Chinese pop star who also became an artist.

The artist was born in Shenyang, Liaon Provice, in China the year 1969. Ai Jing attended the Shenyang School of Art studying painting. Her father was a musician and her mother sang opera music.

In this clip we view a show from 2012 about Ai Jing:

Ai Jing is a master at using text and mixed media.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Ai Jing has also appeared in three movies.

She relocated to New York City in 1997.

If you enjoy this artist’s use of text as art be sure and check out my post on artist Mel Bochner.



Artist of the moment……..Chen Chi


Chen Chi was a wonderful painter born in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China in the year 1912. Chen Chi was renown or his landscape paintings.

The artist began to show his work when he was 28 years of age.

Chi came to the United States in 1947 and lived in New York City.

Chen Chi was elected to the National Academy of Design.

Over his career he worked as an illustrator for some well known publications including Sport’s Illustrated.

Chen Chi also published many books of his artworks. He worked in oils and watercolors.

Chen Chi passed away in 2005.

Two cities have Chen Chi museums, Beijing and Wuxi, China. Wuxi was his birthplace.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $50,000. Chi worked in watercolors, oils, and ink.




Artist of the moment…….Mimi Chen Ting


Mimi Chen Ting is a wonderful abstract artist. Mimi Chen Ting was born in Shanghai, China in the year 1946.

The artist attended college in the U.S. earning  B.F.A. from San Jose State located in San Jose, Calfornia. Chen Ting went on to earn a M.F.A. from California State University.


In this brief clip we view some more works by Mimi Chen Ting. Its great to see them on the walls so that the viewer can picture the vast size of her works:

The artist has studios in California and New Mexico.

In this clip we visit a group show with Mimi Chen Ting’s work appearing at 40 seconds into the clip:

What I enjoy most about this artist can be found in her artistic statement. To quote her ” When I enter the studio I am the child delighting in endless possibilities.” What a great outlook at attitude to have about creating.

Below a link to the website of Mimi Chen Ting:

Price range information: Sorry none available.



Artist of the moment……Xu Lei




Xu Lei is a contemporary Chinese artist who paints with traditional ink on silk. Xu Lei was born in Nantong, Jiangsu, China  in the year 1963. The artist attended Nanjong Art Academy.

Xu Lei is a painter and printmaker. Lei paints with a  mix of schools, using ideas and techniques from the Song and Ming dynasties.

The artist came to national prominence in the 1980s.

In this clip a brief interview with English subtitles with Xu Lei:

The wine scene is very hot and profitable in China. Xu Lei designed the label for a Rothschild label and this clip explores this venture:

A great montage of works by Xu Lei from 2012:

Xu Lei is based out of Beijing, China. The artist teaches at the China Art Academy.

Price range information: Originals range from $50,000 to $500,000. His ink on silk paintings are very large in size.

What a great sense of style. Its always intriguing to see what the artist leaves out. Who is reading the book in bathtub? What does the sitter’s face look like? What a great twist on the ancient technique of painting with ink on silk.


Artist of the moment…….Manfong Lee


Manfong Lee was born in Guangzhou, China in the year 1913 . Manfong Lee loved to paint the landscapes and region of Asia and also created fantastic images of island life in small countries such as Bali. Lee also painted portraits, still life works, and many varieties of cats including tigers, and birds.

His wife was a professional pianist.

In the early 1930s he began working as a commercial artist for a Dutch company and relocated to the Netherlands. He would return years later on a  scholarship for three years of study.

Lee was granted Indonesian citizenship and died in Jakarta, Indonesia in the year 1985.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $3 million and the artist worked in oils and pastels.

Recently Christie’s Auction House held a viewing showing many works of Manfong Lee. Lee was a master and creating works with many people.  Here in this clip we take a much closer look at the painting that appears last in the gallery above:

What a well rounded artist who could paint anything! Lee seems to have mastered all mediums.


Artist of the moment……..Xu Beihong


Xu Beihong in Yixing, Jiangsu, Qing China in the year 1895. The artist began studying Chinese art and calligraphy from a young age with his father.

Beihong attended several art schools studying in China, Tokyo, and in France at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris.

The artist was also the president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Beihong could not only paint like a master in his traditional medium of ink and ink washes, but also mastered oil painting.


In this clip we view a show that came to the Denver Art Museum featuring Xu Beihong:

Xu Beihong is most renown for his unique paintings of horses and birds. In this clip we view some of his best works in this genre:

Xu Beihong passed away in 1953.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $40 million dollars.

What I enjoy most about Xu Beihong is his compositions. They are a great blend of Eastern minimalism and Western realism.



Artist of the moment…….Chang Yu Sanyu



Chang Yu Sanyu was a Chinese painter and printmaker born in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China in the year 1901. His family was well respected and wealthy, the family owned and ran a silk weaving mills. The artist was home schooled by the best teachers and his father spared no expense in art lessons. His father was a respected artist who enjoyed painting animals.

Sanyu was renown for his modernist depictions of the nude and for his floral works.

China was in the midst of a government revolution in 1911 and Sanyu decided to relocate to France. Some of his classmates found Paris very expensive so his classmates moved to Berlin, Germany. Sanyu also would relocate to Berlin to be with his friends, but would return to Paris in a few short years. Whilst in Paris Sanyu attended the Academy de la Grand Chaumiere.

Sanyu spent most of his life in Europe and enjoyed moderate success as a painter and printmaker.

Chang Yu Sanyu passed away in 166.

Price range information: Works in pencil can be found starting at $10,000. Large works in oils or ink can reach 10 million dollars.




Artist of the moment……Si Chen Yuan



Si Chen Yuan was a Chinese artist renown for his modernist landscape paintings. Si Chen Yuan was born in the year 1911 in Hangchou, China.

For his collegiate education Si Chen Yuan attended the Academy of Art located in Nanking, China.

Yuan had excellent use of color, his bark of the trees shows this. If you enjoy this type of modernist style check out my post on painter Karl Dempwolf.

The artist first visited the United States in the late 1940s, and then became a citizen in the early 1950s. Si Chen Yuan settled in California and became one of the foremost painters of the Monterrey Peninsula area.

The artist had one child with his long time girlfriend.

Si Chen Yuan passed away in 1974.

Price range information:  Works range from $2,000 to $30,00. The artist worked in oils and graphite.

The artist thought using too much color ruined a painting. I found this too be true in his coastal paintings. Like Dempwolf Yuan’s  work is a mixture of wonderful greys bursting with warmth.

Below is an example of a painting by Karl Dempwolf. Both artists have a great talent for painting trees:



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