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Artist of the moment…….Yeondoo Jung



Yeondoo Jung is a contemporary Korean photographer renown for a series that featured his photographs based on children’s drawings.

Yeondoo Jung was born in Jinju, Korea in the year 1969. Jung is very well schooled having earned a B.F.A. from Seoul National University and a diploma in sculpture from Saint Martin College of Art in London, England. Jung also earned a M.F.A. from the University of London’s Goldsmith College.

In this clip from the University of Colorado at Boulder we view brief interview where the artist explains the connections he makes with imagination, art, and real life:

Jung was the recipient of the artist of the year award in 2007 from the Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art.

In this clip we visit a show featuring the artist’s Wonderland series. Photographic images based on children’s drawings that Jung collected when he served as an art teacher to kindergarten children. What a great creative idea!:

The artist is now based out of Seoul, South Korea.

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What a wonderful artist who does a great job creating reality from imagination!



Artist of the moment……..Dran

Dran is a funny street artist based in France. Dran enjoys using humor and art to point to flaws in society. My favorite works of his are children’s drawings. ┬áJacob Lawrence had a similar artwork, but Dran’s are better executed and communicate more clearly to the viewer. The artist often refers to iconic American images in his work. Take Pinocchio for example. Pinocchio is now part of the Geico family of commercials. I also believe we have the beloved American responsible for cleaning everything, MR. CLEAN!

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Dran has been labeled the French “Banksy.”

The artist is based of Toulouse, France.

Dran has been part of numerous exhibitions in many E.U. nations including Spain, France, and the United Kingdom.

The artist works in many mediums.

In this clip we visit a great show featuring the work of Drane:

What a diversified street artist!