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Artist of the moment…..Haida artist Christian White

Christian White is a wonderful Northwest Coast artist from the Haida Tribe. Christian White was born in the year 1962 in Queen Charlotte City, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada. As with many Haida artists, he is good a variety of mediums including sculpting, printmaking, carving, and jewelry  making.

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Translated his Haida name means Voice of Gold.

Started living off his art full time since the age of seventeen. Awesome!

At the old age of twenty one he sold a work to the Museum of Anthropology located in British Columbia. Very prestigious for someone so young.

His Great Great Grandfather was a master Haida artist named Charles Edenshaw. A master carver of totem poles, masks, and jewelry. Below an example of his grandfather’s work. Chief Charles Edenshaw lived from 1839 to around 1920.

Edenshaw work

In this clip we listen to the artist talk about the role art plays in his life: