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Artist of the moment………Street Art Collective Broken Fingaz



Broken Fingaz is a street artist collective from Israel. The collective consists of four members named Tant, Deso, Kip, and Unga. As a group they have completed many illustrative assignments including music album covers, murals, fashion design, and even animation.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Broken Fingaz draws inspiration from tatoos, the skateboard culture, and also from comic books.

In this clip we view something new on the street art scene, animated street art! A wonderful clip showing the works of Broken Fingaz if they were able to move and to be brought to life:

The group is based out of Haifa, Israel.

Works of the group are part of the collection of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

In this clip more great animated works by Broken Fingaz:

What a great team of artists! If you like this style of street art be sure and check out my article on Barry McGee, who has a very similar style.



Artist of the moment…….Modern Toss

Modern Toss is a wonderful cartoon depicting life in the English culture. For me I compare it easily to the cartoon Dilbert, that pokes finds hilarity in the workplace. Modern Toss consists of two comedians/ artists named Mick Bunnage and Jon Link.

Modern Toss began in 2004. What first began as a single panel comic, is now a fully animated adventure and now airs at regular intervals on the tele.

I enjoy Modern Toss because they depict the working life with the same negative vibe I sometimes get working in at a hotel industry. Its kind of funny to watch someone angry at their whole day. And swearing by employees is very common in the hotel industry.

The duo have even created versions of their cartoon to appear on Iphone and Ipad.

I love the variety of mediums and simplicity of line of their office characters.

Price range information: Sorry none available. Print sizes are usually in editions of 100. Occasionally a print may be an open ended print.


In this clip a view about the workplace scene:

A short animated clip featuring a man who sneezes frequently:

I love their comedy, an R rated Dilbert!