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Artist of the moment….Candido Portinari

Candido Portinari was a famous Brazilian painter who had one work sell for more than one million dollars at auction earlier this year. Portinari was born in 1903 in an area near Sao Paulo, Brazil. The painting breaking the one million dollar barrier appears in the gallery above, its the last picture.

In this clip we see a great montage of works by Portinari. Notice how expressive the arms and the feet of the laborers appear. Not weak by any means, rather a strong a powerful force.

He attended the national art school for his native country of Brasil doing very well and earning a scholarship to further his studies overseas in Paris, France.

Briefly entered politics in his home country but had to flee as his Communist party felt the wrath of losing power.

Portinari passed away in 1962 at the age of 58 years old.

In 2007 ┬áSao Paulo Musuem of Art had a theft and one of Portinari’s works and also one of Pablo Picasso’s work’s were stolen. Both were returned undamaged the following year.