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Artists of the moment…..Charles Rollo Peters

Charles Rollo Peters was an American artist who excelled at painting theĀ  landscape of California. Charles Rollo Peters was born in San Francisco in the year 1862. Many painters of the California landscape have been featured but Charles Rollo Peters was unique in that he was called the ” Poet of the Night.” In much the same way Frank Tenney Johnson, captured the Western skies at night, Charles Rollo Peters captured the essence of nightfall in California.

For his artistic education Peters attended the San Francisco School of Design. The artist also studied in Paris, France at the Academy Julian the Ecole des Beaux Arts.

Among painters who influenced his developed style the artist was able to meet James McNeil Whistler.

Many paintings of Charles Rollo Peters are of his 30 acre estate which was located in Monterey, California. Another recurring theme was the adobe buildings of the American Southwest.

The artist passed away in 1928.

In this clip a collegiate art professor talks about a work done of a wife of Charles Rollo Peters from 1891:

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $45,000. Peters worked mainly in oils.

The artist had one son that was a friend of American painter John Singer Sargent. The son’s name was Dewitt Peters who studied in Paris, France at the Academy Julian and was renowned watercolorist. Below an example of Dewitt Peters style.