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Artist of the moment………..Charles Reiffel


Charles Reiffel was born in Indianapolis, Indiana  in the year 1862. Reiffel was an outstanding artist  and as a teenager  was good enough to get a job as  young man with a lithography company. Reiffel is classified by many historians as a California Impressionist.

Reiffel worked as a lithographer in New York City and also Cincinatti, Ohio.

After this experience he travelled overseas and studied with painter Carl Marr at the Munich, Germany Academy of Art.

Reiffel flourished in his later years as his modernist landscapes were in great demand by collectors. He gave up lithography in the early 1920s to concentrate on painting.

Charles Reiffel passed away in 1942.

Price range information: The artist worked in oils, gouache, and watercolor with prices ranging from $10,000 to $100,000.

In this clip an interview with a curator discussing some important works by Charles Reiffel:






Artist of the moment…….Marion Wachtel


Marion Wachtel was a fantastic painter of the American outdoors born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the year 1875. Wachtel is associated with the Impressionist and California Impressionist movements. Her family was very artistic and her great grandfather was a member of the Royal Academy of Art in London, England.

Wachtel loved to paint en plein air and she completed many works in both watercolor and oils.

Wachtel attended the Art Institute of Chicago and also studied privately with William Merritt Chase in New York City.

After receiving a commission to paint the offices of a railroad company in California, the artist relocated to West Coast. She would eventually take art classes from her future husband, Elmer Wachtel. Elmer Wachtel passed away in 1929.

Marion Wachtel passed away in 1954.

In this clip we view a great montage of works by Marion Wachtel. She was a great painter of light and often overlooked when it comes to the California Impressionists:

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $100,000. The artist worked in oils and watercolors.

Another great husband and wife painting duo! Elmer Wachtel will be the next profiled artist.




Artist of the moment….California Impressionist William Franklin Jackson….


In the gallery all pictures are by William Franklin Jackson save the last two. Second from bottom was painted by his first well known mentor, Virgil Williams. The last one is painted by modern day colorist Camille Przewodek.



As I mentioned in my last post about Clarence Hinkle, William F. Jackson was his first gallery level instructor. William Franklin Jackson was best known for his interpretations of the vast California skyline and mountains. He enjoyed painting small rolling hills laden with poppy fields. William Franklin Jackson was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa  in the year 1850.

His family relocated to California when he was thirteen years old.

For college Jackson attended the School of Design in San Francisco where he was mentored by Virgil Williams. Williams was a painter of landscapes and below is an example of his artwork.



In this clip watch an auction of a great example of the artists work with the California landscape with poppies. Its a great contrast to see an emphasis on the colors of outdoors of California. The painters of the Hudson River school painted wonderful landscapes but the landscape is mainly greens, ochres, and browns because you are dealing with somewhat flatter horizons and heavily wooded areas.


With the wonderful California landscape you have spectacular mauves and purples from plants like lupine or lavender alongside the bright colors of wildflowers and poppies. In addition to the flowers you have wonderful mountains that easily dwarf anything painting by the Hudson River artists.  All of these elements made for wonderful paintings from the California Impressionsists like Jackson, John Gamble, or Granville Redmond.



Price range info:  William F. Jackson worked mainly in oils. Many are smaller works from life. The artist worked mainly from life and works can be found between $2,000 and $45,000.


In Sacramento a banking family that was the Kennedy’s of their day, the William Crocker family who ran many banks, left their art collection to the city of Sacramento. Jackson was the head curator and director for an art school associated with the museum. Jackson worked for the museum for many decades until his death in 1936.


Jackson helped to inspire many artists to paint the wonderful color found in the California landscape. My favorite modern day painter of the color of California is Camille Przewodek. She is a colorist and my favorite works of hers include fields of lavender set alongside the rolling hills of California. Here is an example of Camille Przewodek’s vision of California.


Jackson did nearly everything in the art world from painting, to teaching, and even running a museum and art school. I hope that in the next decades the artist is brought to more collectors of California landscape paintings. Its amazing to see the price difference between this artist, Clarence Hinkle, and Granville Redmond.


Create a landscape with poppies today. The brightness of the flowers will do a lot to contrast the greens and browns found in the basic colors of the landscape!